Leeds United: Enforced break has come at a good time - Ritchie

Darko Milanic
Darko Milanic
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The different approaches to training among British and overseas players can work both ways, Andy Ritchie insists.

STEVE MORISON spoke earlier this week about differences in terms of the way English and foreign players train and how some of the club’s players must go through a culture change to adapt to Darko Milanic’s methods.

Who is to say which way is better; ours or the foreign way and whether say Friday sessions should be relaxed or intense before a game.

When I was at Oldham, the five-a-sides on Friday were probably just as important as the game on the Saturday!

It used to put us into the right frame of mind for Saturday. But also there is the exposure to injury and the expending on energy to consider the day before a game. There are two aspects and I can see both sides.

There is no right and wrong way. To be fair, a lot of foreign lads have come into the game and their training methods are good.

But I am sure they will also take pointers from the way we train too.

The preparation of the foreign players can be a bit more rigorous at times. But there is not that much difference. Especially these days. If there is a difference, maybe the foreign lads don’t like expending that much energy at the end of the week.

To be fair on Fridays, we used to just like to practice set-plays and free-kicks and things like that which you virtually ‘walk’ through to get the juices going and then it was a five-a-side to get a bit of a sweat on and then it was back home or jump on the coach to go away.

Looking at things, I think the international break has come at a decent time for Darko to get his ideas across at Thorp Arch, but equally he will have been buoyed by what he saw last weekend.

Sometimes, when you have played well, breaks are a bit of a double-edged sword. But I think if you pushed Darko, he would have taken the break and it gives him that time with his players to stamp his own ethos.

When he was asked after the game last weekend if he was closer to his first-choice 11 and he said no. He was just being truthful there. He needs time.

I thought Leeds played very well against Sheffield Wednesday and were the better side and the performance has given much hope. When an opposing goalkeeper is named man-of-the-match, it means you have been very unfortunate.

I thought Bellusci was fantastic with the way he played, not just for his goal which was a great one. Young Alex Mowatt is also doing well at the moment and Sam Byram looks like he is coming into a bit of form. But overall, it was more of a team effort against Wednesday. Everybody pulled their weight.

Darko will have been very pleased. That is the standard he will want to see them playing every week.

Luke Murphy came on at half-time last weekend and while it has not gone as well for him as he would liked at Leeds, I am sticking by him.

I still maintain he is a very good player. I saw quite a bit of him when he was at Crewe and he was really top-dollar. I am backing him to come through as he will open doors for you and run all day.

He is still finding his feet a bit and maybe fans are not onside at the moment as they have not seen the best of him.

But once he produces that form he can, they will realise they have a really good player on their hands.

Obviously, a lot of Leeds fans are desperate to see Adryan at first-team level. I have not seen him play, but I have heard he has definitely got something.

That said, I do not think last weekend was the game to pitch him in. There was a lot of rough and tumble going on in a competitive Yorkshire derby game.

He may have been involved in derbies in Brazil, but I don’t think it was the sort of game to chuck him on in. It was good he was there and saw the pulsating aspect of a derby here.

But I think there might be an easier game for him to come into.

But while I say it was not the right thing, sometimes it can be a case of chucking someone in to find out.

And to be fair, if he as good as everyone says he is, he should be able to take things on board.

What I would say is there is only so much cotton wool you can wrap up a player in and while I do think it was the right thing not to play him last weekend, I do think it is getting towards the time where we should see what he is about.

For the time being, I go along with what people like Redders are saying that he (Adryan) needs a few more games.

It is the people who will know and be able to judge when he is ready.

Former Leeds manager Brian McDermott is back in the game on the scouting staff at Arsenal and that is really good news.

No disrespect to anybody, but I still maintain he should still be at Leeds.

He is a fantastic guy and a brilliant coach and was working under massive restraints and difficult circumstances and it is great to see him back in the game.

Looking at things, you do not get jobs at clubs like Arsenal if you aren’t very good at what you do.

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