Leeds United: Deal to sell Cagliari will ease the burden on Cellino – Lorimer

Peter Lorimer.
Peter Lorimer.
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Leeds legend Peter Lorimer has his say on all things United

MASSIMO CELLINO has agreed a deal in principle to sell Serie A side Cagliari to an American consortium and once that is completed, it would certainly ease the work burden for him as running two football clubs in the modern world must be very difficult.

I am sure that is why he made the decision, probably realising it’s a major drain on your time running two clubs, especially with him being based in Florida as well.

Concentrating on the job at Leeds will help him a great deal in my opinion and enable things to start moving here again and focus purely on matters here.

In the modern world, owners of football clubs do globe-trot around the world and there are not too many who are based in the city where teams play.

But concentrating on two different clubs in different countries and cultures of football is a different thing altogether.

Once Massimo gets himself clear, he can let everyone know the plan forward at Leeds and where the club is going. That is what everyone is looking forward to hearing.

Let’s be fair, he’s got a hell of a job on his hands at Leeds and it will take him time and patience has to be there from people.

But it’s not that long until the fixture list comes out and then it won’t be that long until the season starts. Once the World Cup is over, things will be looking to the new domestic season and it will be quite a hectic period ahead.

Obviously, I hear a lot from supporters asking me where we are going to go pre-season and where we are playing as there’s no details of friendlies yet.

Many of our fans like to travel on the pre-season tours and will be hoping to get their plans made. But I am sure once Massimo gets the Cagliari thing out of the way, he will let everyone know what is happening.

At the moment, everyone at the club is just looking forward after last season.

In all fairness, everyone was just delighted to get last season out of the way as it was a bit of an awful season for everybody; for the fans and everyone around the place.

At the minute, everyone is enjoying the little break before going forward.

Last season, the club took a step backward, in fairness. As I have said before, a lot of people might not appreciate Ken Bates, but what he did do was stabilise the situation.

But last year, I think we lost control again and things got a little bit out of hand.

We need someone at the helm who can take us forward and Mr Cellino has been running a football club in Cagliari for quite a while and will know what is required.

In all fairness to GFH, I think that was their problem; they probably know how to run businesses, but they weren’t football people.

I think that is the important thing. Cellino is a football person and has the experience to do what is needed.

Cellino will come back, have a plan and start everything afresh and say: ‘That’s what we are going to be doing’ and then take it from there.

Much has been made of the training ground closing in the close-season. But when you read about the amount of money that the club have been spending, then you have got to say that it is quite ridiculous.

You just can’t go on burying your heads in the sand and losing money all the time. Certain steps have to be taken to stop that and I think that is what Cellino is doing.

Yes, it’s difficult for people and there’s uncertainty around the place. But at the end of the day, the important thing is that the club goes forward and that is what matters.

It’s just so important that we can back on the rails again as a club as we had such a difficult time last year, it’s got to be said.

Obviously, the line-up of the Championship is finalised with QPR the ones to go up in the Championship final and Derby County remaining in the division and it’s nice to see Rotherham United get themselves back up there.

It was a thrilling League One play-off final against Leyton Orient and good to see another team from Yorkshire at the Championship level.

I was looking at the fixtures last year when they came out and you look at the teams coming up and down and you look at some teams such as Yeovil and Bournemouth and think: ‘Oh, that’s another long journey for the fans.’

We obviously lost two of the local games in Barnsley and Doncaster, who were both relegated at the end of last season, so it’s nice that Rotherham have managed to come up. They have done superbly well this season, all credit to them.

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