Leeds United: Criticism all part of the game for players - Ormsby

Luke Varney.
Luke Varney.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan, do you think the criticism of Luke Varney and Michael Brown at Birmingham was out of order.

I HAVE to say, I am not one of Varney’s biggest fans as a player – although fair do’s he scored a good goal against Spurs on Sunday.

As players, it is quite simple, you have to accept criticism sometimes and sometimes fans either like a player or don’t.

I went to see Villa play on Tuesday against Newcastle United and Villa’s Barry Bannan got slaughtered. To be fair, he came to us at Leeds in the division below on loan the other season and didn’t look anything special.

I have played in teams where players get stick and you do feel for them as they are your team-mates. Personally, I was lucky as it never happened to me.

When I played, I wasn’t great, but I did what I had to do and the Leeds fans accepted it. I never got criticised as it can affect you.

In terms of Michael Brown, I think he’s decent enough, but sometimes he gets carried away with his tackling, like on Sunday when he gave a free-kick away near the corner flag and get booked – it could have cost us a goal and a replay at Spurs where we might have got knocked out.

Michael has been in the game long enough and knows what he is doing. He is one of those players you do appreciate being in the team as he will do a job for you. Sometimes, he just needs to calm down – I remember his tackle against Frank Lampard in the Chelsea cup game.

Back to the issue of criticism in general. Modern-day players want to be patted on the back every week and people to say how great they are.

They earn lots of money and drive massive cars, good luck to them in that respect. But some need to give something back – that is all fans ask for after forking out so much money to watch games. All the punters want is something in return, whether it is Premiership or Championship players or whatever.

Players who are not performing must expect a slagging off. I remember getting it off my family and that is worse as they are honest with you and tell you the truth.

If a player has had a nightmare and gets booed, fans aren’t going to clap, are they? Players are booed because they have not done their jobs.

Many fans get up for jobs at six in the morning and follow teams sometimes all over Europe, so they are entitled for something in return.

Players cannot get patted on the back all the time. At a club like Leeds, if players do the business, supporters will love you. If not, they will let you know about it and that is just the way it goes here, I am afraid.

Samuel Saiz.

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