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Ross McCormack.
Ross McCormack.
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Leeds United have got to get something sorted with this takeoever reasonably quickly so the club knows what direction it’s going in; so that everybody knows where they stand and for Brian McDermott and his plans for the future.

And we are not just talking about the next couple of seasons but the immediate future as well. Because you have still got to hope that you can put a little run together and then you are up there.

It’s difficult to know what’s happening just now and to be honest I don’t know what the very latest on the takeover is.

But the quicker they get something sorted one way or the other the better.

People keep popping up in regards to the takeover such as Massimo Cellino from Cagliari, who is not someone I know anything about, and I think it is probably a bit of a surprise to people that David Haigh’s consortium haven’t taken over the club yet.

We have also had West Ham United bidding for Ross McCormack this week and in football everyone talks about transfer windows and who’s going to come to the club.

But you have also got to look at the other side of it in that teams are probably going to come in for your best players.

And there’s no doubt that Ross is a big asset to us and things like this happen in football.

Clubs make bids and you just don’t know which way it will go. I’m sure Ross will have the ambition to play in the Premier League and I think he would love to do it with Leeds. But he’ll be looking at his career from a point of view of what’s going to happen at United and all players want to play at the highest level.

Players sign contracts but that just safeguards the club a little bit so they can get a reasonable transfer fee.

It doesn’t mean because players sign a new contract that they stay at the club for the period of that contract.

That’s just how it is in football and it’s something people have got to accept – that players come and go. I don’t know what will happen with Ross and I don’t know what’s in his mind or what’s in the club’s mind. And that’s why getting the ownership of the club sorted out would help in that regard.

West Ham apparently offered £3.5m but the value of a player can be anything.

Ross is a valuable player to Leeds on and off the field. That’s how we’ve got to look at it – but every player has their price.

People have said how disappointed they will be if Ross is sold but they have got to learn to live with it.

Things can change in football very quickly and players always come and go but you can bounce back.

And our manager, Brian McDermott, has got a good track record at producing players at clubs and being successful. Everybody hopes that Ross stays – me included – but if he moves on the football club has got to move on, too.

I don’t really know that much about the situation and I’ve not really spoken to anybody about it, you just hear things and read things in the paper.

A lot depends on the player and if a player wants to go – and I’m not saying Ross does want to go – but if a player does want to go then it’s very difficult to keep them nowadays.

We get back to action tomorrow at home to Ipswich Town who had a good win against Reading on Saturday and Ipswich have been on a decent run.

They started the season slowly but they are probably one of the group of sides who think they can break in and get into the play-offs.

It will be a tough game and obviously we want to improve our form but there were good things against Leicester City when we started the game very well and we should have been two or three up.

We just let it slip but the signs were good and hopefully we’ll put a performance on and get the three points just to calm everything down again.

Then you have got Saturday’s local derby at home to Huddersfield Town which is always a tough game but it’s something for the fans to look forward to.

Both games give the players the opportunity to bounce back.

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