Leeds United: Cellino’s exit will delight fans and Thursday was worst I’ve seen – Whelan

Steve Evans
Steve Evans
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IF Mr Cellino has decided it is best for him to sell the club then that’s fantastic news and I think the fans will be happy about that.

It just depends also if any other parties or consortiums are interested in buying Leeds.

We know we’ve had a lot of hearsay and speculation regarding companies and consortiums wanting to put an offer in for Leeds United but nothing concrete.

It’s just important we get the right person in place now to take this club forward and progress.

It’s just been a very turbulent time under Cellino. Ever since he took over the club it’s been one thing after another and we’ve been looking at different managers in a very short space of time.

The club has just been up and down. You want some kind of stability but we have never, ever had that and that can’t be good for the club, it can’t be good for the players and it can’t be good for any manager that comes in and takes over the job - not knowing from one day to the next if you are still in a job.

When it comes to security, a manager needs to know that he’s put in place for a while and that he’s got a long term plan that he can execute and none of them have been given that time to do so.

I’ve always said that we want someone that is going to own this club that is going to love it like we do.

And I think if it’s with the fans we know it’s in good hands.

Nobody loves the club more than the Leeds United fans do and they will decide what’s best for the club.

They will put the club first which is what’s important and try and get back on to an even keel with money and everything like that.

We can start chipping away at the debt and there’s lots of things we need to get back - the training ground, the stadium - these are all very important things that I’m sure the fans would like as well as the players because we don’t own any of them.

We’ve been promised to buy them back and nothing has happened and this is something that I think only the fans or somebody who really cares about this club will sort out.

As far as looking back on Thursday’s game with Blackburn goes, I don’t know where to start to be quite honest.

It’s probably the worst Leeds United performance that I can remember.

Not because of the scoreline but because of the way the team went about their jobs.

Their heads dropped, we didn’t look like we were going to score and it’s like we just gave up and surrendered.

That’s the disappointing thing for me and when you are in the trenches you need people that are going to stand up and fight and we didn’t look like we had the players capable of doing that.

When you concede after 17 seconds that should be your kick up the bum but that should never happen anyway.

The only occasions where that should happen is Sunday League or children’s football.

You should be prepared, you should be mentally ready to do your job and win your individual battles.

To go through the middle of us so easily is unacceptable.

I’m sure the players are just as disappointed and looking back on it they will say the same thing because we all saw it.

It was a very timid, lacklustre performance and it just lacked passion, it lacked quality and there was nothing there from players that I could see that left me feeling confident we would get back into the game.

But let’s take the manager completely out of this as this is down to the players and nobody else.

The manager has done nothing wrong and he has played a team that has done half decent in two games beforehand.

This is down to the players - they were not prepared, they conceded after 17 seconds which is unforgivable and then showed absolutely nothing to get back in to the game. No fight.

Yes, they might have been trying hard but there was no-one that we thought was going to change the game. They looked defeated and that they’d given up.

The manager has had time now to see what he’s got and when you are winning you don’t learn too much about your team.

But when you are in a sticky situation and have a performance like that you see the ones that you can count on, the ones that you can’t and the characters that you need.

I’m sure he learnt a lot from Thursday evening about what he’s got in his changing room and I think from that performance and the way we have been going about our job then we definitely need five or six new players.

The important thing now is that we get a reaction from the players against Cardiff tomorrow.

They’ve got to be brave now and we’ve got to see what sort of characters we have at that club.

Are we winners or are we quitters because it was embarrassing on Thursday night.

It was embarrassing for the players or it should have been.

But what I don’t condone is when I see players smiling and having a laugh at the end of the game as well.

Whether you are on the bench or not, you are still part of that team and it should be hurting you.

If you want to smile, smile at home away from other people who can actually see that.

We then go to Huddersfield on Saturday but maybe playing away is probably better for the boys. Maybe there is less pressure on them playing away and not making a mistake at Elland Road as I honestly think some people can’t handle it.

We’ve got to look at Tuesday against Cardiff first and whether that is going to give you a lot of confidence going to Huddersfield - or you are going in even lower than a snake’s belly.