Leeds United: Cellino has no choice but to cut overheads – Gray

Massimo Cellino.
Massimo Cellino.
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Leeds legend Eddie Gray has his say on all things United

THERE’S never really a dull week at Leeds United and things keep on happening at the Football Club.

Let’s just hope it settles down sooner rather than later and we can start to look forward to next season.

There always seems to be some sort of financial issue that’s going on but I think the new owner is trying to put things in place and get things moving.

The club have got to look at finances and I don’t know what the long term plans are for Thorp Arch – I don’t think anybody knows just now.

But closing that down for the summer probably saves us lots of money and we’ve had lots of debts to pay recently.

And it looks as if there’s going to be some more as you’ve got this winding up petition pending to David Haigh.

With Massimo Cellino, it doesn’t make any difference how much money you’ve got as you can still lose a lot if you don’t do things right.

He’s a businessman and time will tell the direction he is going to take the football club in. The important thing is going to be what happens from a football point of view.

At the start of the season, are we going to be strong enough and are we going to have enough players?

I think that’s the thing that will concern the fans.

The rest of it, although it’s important, the most important thing to the football club is what happens on the field.

If we get that right for the start of the season then everything more or less takes care of itself.

Finances at a football club are always going to be under pressure if the teams aren’t doing well.

People can talk about other things like off the field activities but the football club lives and dies by what happens on the field of play and that’s going to be the most important thing.

I don’t know what will happen in terms of other cuts over the summer as I don’t know the finances of the football club.

The new owner has come in and he knows the finances of the club and he will do what he sees fit to get things back on an even keel.

And the thing about clubs is – it’s not just Leeds United – you can’t just keep losing money week in, week out without taking some action.

A lot of people work at football clubs and it’s disappointing when people lose jobs because they love their football but the survival of the club is paramount to what goes on.

But I’ve not heard a thing (about my own situation) and we’ll just have to wait and see.

We know now that Norwich will join Fulham and Cardiff in the Championship next season and it’s going to be a tough division.

We’ve said all along that every year there are clubs coming down from the Premier League with money to spend who are desperate to get back up there as quickly as possible.

Norwich will be one of those three clubs coming down who will spend money, and they’ve got decent players already.

It just depends for these clubs when they come down if they can hold on to their best players because they have sampled the Premier League.

It’s whether or not clubs like Norwich can keep hold of people like Robert Snodgrass who has had a good season and they’ve got to look at things like that. But they will be desperate to keep their best players and that makes it even more difficult for everybody else.

We’ll no doubt be linked with some of their players but we have spoken about our club making cuts and cutting back and you’ve got to remember that these players will be on Premier League money now.

Looking at our chances of getting promoted next season, you can just never tell in football and it all depends what recruitment is coming into the club and what players stay at the football club.

If we keep our better players and add three or four players then we could be a decent outfit and that’s what everybody is hoping for.

That will be the owner’s aim and Brian McDermott’s aim but nobody knows yet if the owner and Brian have got together yet.

That’s gone pretty quiet and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Samuel Saiz.

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