Leeds United: Bridcutt would be perfect fit for Whites – Whelan

Liam Bridcutt.
Liam Bridcutt.
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I’M obviously disappointed with the result in the 2-1 loss at Peterborough United on Saturday.

As far as pre-season is concerned, I think Garry Monk would have liked to have gone into the new campaign with victories and undefeated because I think it’s important to have that mentality.

But on the flip side, he’ll learn more about his team from a defeat than a win.

When things are going great, there’s not really much to do with the players.

But when you get a defeat when you are getting close to the season, it’s about how these players react and he’ll be looking at that now.

It will be a good test of character for the players.

Leeds also just won 4-3 at Guiseley on Friday and, once again, Garry will learn more from that – even though they were 3-0 down.

It’s very easy to not look at certain points of players and the team when everything is rosy.

But he will learn more about the players that he feels are strong enough to be Leeds United players when everything is going against you.

He will also be positive about the reaction of the players to bring it back from being 3-0 down to win 4-3.

Garry says we are very close to two or three new signings and I still think we need another striker.

It’s important that we have got choice whether that be through lack of confidence, so you can change things around, or injuries.

It’s vital to make sure the right cover is there.

We possibly need another centre-half and another midfield player.

But if Garry has seen enough of the players that he has got and he feels that these positions are covered then maybe he is looking at different areas – maybe he is looking at the left-back/right-back area.

We just don’t know what he’s thinking.

There is an abundance of midfield players but maybe we need a no 10 player that can play that role naturally.

We know there is interest in Liam Bridcutt and Sunderland apparently what £2m for him.

Is he worth that? I think it would be unfair of me to say he’s not because when he was here on loan and he came into the side he proved himself a worthy acquisition to the side.

He’s one of those where he looked more like a leader, he gave us more confidence when he was on the field and during the time when he was at Leeds, when he played, nine times out of 10 he had a great game.

He was in great form and that’s what you want.

He has got bags of experience, he’s been at big clubs and he brings a calmness about him when he is on the field and I think that would benefit the rest of the players around him because it’s still a relatively young squad. We play our last pre-season friendly on Saturday when Atalanta visit Elland Road and as it’s against an Italian side you know you are going to get a good test.

They will be disciplined, they will be organised and that’s generally what you get with these Italian sides. They are hard to break down so it will be a different kind of test for us as they held their own in Serie A in mid-table.

It’s a test for us and it’s the last home game before the start of the season and when everyone gets to the ground that’s when all the buzz starts and all the excitement builds.

This is now when you have had a few games under your belt and the team have got to start putting it together. The fans can come and see what they have been working on and how the team is looking for the start of the season. It certainly doesn’t get any easier with the teams that have come down from the Premier League, that’s the problem.

Last season, I said we should have been in the play-offs and I still believe that.

If we’d have been a bit more consistent that is where I think we should have been. But because of the inconsistency and the mistakes that we made and the amount of times we were punished by those mistakes as well, we left ourselves a massive hill to climb.

If we can nip that in the bud and we can keep players fit and keep a strong side out and add to the squad that we have now then I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be in the play-offs.

I’m certainly pleased that the pie-tax has gone and that was silly in the first place wasn’t it? Let’s be honest.

It was just one of those crazy ideas that we should have expected but when it happened it was still a very surprising and strange thing to do.

But now it’s gone, thank God, and now we can go and crack on and get on with the football which is more important.

Massimo Cellino has been more in the background this pre-season and we have not heard too many controversial things about him. He’s not been saying certain things, he’s not been in the headlines and that can only be a good thing for the club as a whole.

I think we lose a bit of credibility when we have so many things going against us and when the club is always in the paper for negative reasons.

It’s arguably a learning curve and let’s hope the season can go a little bit more smoothly because previously it has been a bit embarrassing for the club.

This is a massive club with huge history and we shouldn’t be reading bad things about it every day.