Leeds United: Bridcutt gives fellow midfielders an option for Lampard-style runs - Whelan

United's Chris Wood loses out to Jack Hobbs at Nottingham Forest. PIC: Tony Johnson
United's Chris Wood loses out to Jack Hobbs at Nottingham Forest. PIC: Tony Johnson
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I THINK it was two points dropped at Nottingham Forest to be honest.

With the way we started the game, we were bright and we were lively, we were controlling the game and dictating the possession.

I thought Liam Bridcutt was tremendous again, he just seems to get better and better, breaking up play and with his ball distribution and switching the play.

But then we are looking at certain areas in our play which are vital and you can talk about decision-making for a start.

Giuseppe Bellusci had been doing exceptionally well up until the point of the goal where he’s made a decision that really shouldn’t have been made about a very difficult clearance over his shoulder.

He goes to ground so he is out of the game and then Marco Silvestri comes rushing out to no man’s land and should have really cleared the ball.

He was in two minds as to what to do and in the end he did nothing.

It really gifted a goal to a side that wasn’t really in the game.

We missed so many chances and I’ll defend people to the hilt being a striker.

I know how difficult it is and how we work on confidence but yesterday we saw a striker there who didn’t do a great deal in the game holding up the ball and winning headers.

I know at times the midfield were still too far off him and he’s isolated but in front of goal there were opportunities and he seems to be thrashing at things at the moment rather than having that composure in front of goal.

That comes down to a player who is not confident in front of goal at the moment and you can try too hard sometimes.

But when you are in those areas and you get these chances you’ve really got to start making them count because we can’t defend players for too long.

At some stage you are going to have to turn this round yourself.

Also, our final ball has got to better in the final third.

It’s okay doing the nicey, nicey stuff and playing the ball from back to midfield and switching the play.

It looks fantastic but without having an end product.

We’ve got to have people who can feed off good crosses and Sunday was another example of good areas, good build up, poor delivery. In probably about 90 per cent of the areas we got into to put a cross in, it just wasn’t good enough.

Whilst we are putting pressure on Chris Wood, we need to start having midfield players who are going to start chipping in with goals.

They have got to start getting into the box rather than standing at the edge of the box.

Now they have got Bridcutt who is sitting there, that’s your licence to be braver, to get into the box, to get to areas that Frank Lampard used to get into and get goals for yourselves.

If we are going to be a team that is going to be challenging and going to be in the top six then we have got to have midfield players that are going to chip in with six, seven, eight goals during that season to make a successful side.

We can’t just be putting all the emphasis on brilliance again from Sam Byram or the striker, we have got to have goals chipping in from all areas.

We are not scoring enough goals and goals will win you games. Not possession.

Derby, the league leaders, next come to Elland Road on Tuesday and I think we’ve got a massive chance of winning. There’s always a chance.

We’ve got a very good squad of players and now it’s about them getting their rest and recuperating again from Sunday’s game and refuelling up on the right foods and liquids to get their body in the best possible shape for a tough game against Derby County.

But I would just like to commend Steve Evans on his substitutions at Forest again which were very positive.

Souleymane Doukara had a part to play in Byram’s great strike by holding up the ball and I thought Antenucci was lively when he came on.

He had a great chance but didn’t catch it properly and it slid off the side of his foot rather than giving it a good punch into the net.

But all these players, you can see they have still got a smile on their face and they are wanting to come on and to change the game and to be part of this team. I think that’s a massive thing that Steve Evans has built in to this squad.