Leeds United: Brian can become a god in fans’ eyes - Ormsby

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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi, Brendan. It’s great that Brian won’t be going to manage the Republic of Ireland and has committed himself to Leeds. He’s so important to this club in turning us around.

I totally agree and it’s good news for the club that he has ruled himself out of the Ireland post and reaffirmed his 100 per cent commitment to Leeds, no doubt about that.

In a way, it’s nice for him to be linked and that his name has been mentioned and it’s good for him and the club as it shows he is doing things right here, but his work has only just begun and we really need someone like Brian here for the long term as he’s so committed and really wants to build Leeds United again, which is great. He’s an honourable man and the sort who sticks to his word.

After leaving Reading and what happened there when he got sacked, Brian would probably like to prove a point and, let’s face it, Leeds are a bigger club than Reading, even though they have been in the Premier League for a few years at different spells relatively recently.

I have spoken to Brian and know he really likes it here and the people up here and supporters. He has really taken to the club, who will turn it around and get back up to the Premier League and hopefully it will be with Brian. If he does that here, he will be treated like a god by the supporters and everyone here.

International management is a funny one. If you put someone in who has not really done anything in club management before and just shove them in, then he’s under pressure straightaway because he hasn’t really proved himself at that level and maybe won’t be able to handle things when they go wrong.

Brian has been in the game a long, long time and been up and down so many times and will know all the hazards and pitfalls of the game and would be able to handle the stresses and strains every day. But he’s got a job to do at Leeds.

But for me, managing a country is ideal for someone who is experienced but who maybe has been out of football for a short while, maybe two or three years.

Managing a country is a massive job for anyone. Sometimes you can strike it lucky and things can fall into place, but the main thing you do need is experience. Countries need experience.

Brian is 52, but still has plenty to do in the club game. It’s not like say Sir Alex Ferguson in his late sixties or early seventies.

They say you have to keep up with all the things that keep coming in the game as managers, but in international management it’s just about players and formations and annoys me with all these new age managers. All managers can get used to formations.

But Brian’s work is at Leeds.

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