Leeds United: Brian and Massimo must work together - Ritchie

Noel Hunt shows his frustration at Watford.
Noel Hunt shows his frustration at Watford.
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Former Leeds United star Andy Ritchie answers all your questions.

Do you think Brian McDermott can form a working relationship with Massimo Cellino after some of the previous comments made about his position?

Who knows. How long is a piece of string...

When Cellino comes out with some of the things he has reportedly said about Brian’s position, it makes you wonder.

Brian will just want an opportunity to show he can manage the club without all the off-the-field problems which the club has experienced in recent months, while Cellino will need to find out if he can work with Brian or not. Time will tell.

If Brian proves himself, then Cellino should be glad. But if not, he will come to the view that he will have to change it.

Obviously things have been said by Cellino and he hasn’t kept his powder dry. But we’ll have to see what happens.

I have no doubts that Brian is a good manager and he has proved that with promotions and success at Reading. So Cellino should know that he has the qualities to do it.

Given the tools to take it on and without all the off-the-field stuff, I am sure Brian will be a success.

Hopefully, it’s a case of seeing how it goes. Maybe Cellino should have said that in the first place and not really elaborated on that.

I hope they can get that relationship going and it’s down to the both of them getting on.

You really need a couple of months to get to know someone properly and if works, great. But if it is not working out, it doesn’t and that’s the way football is and has always been. It’s about working together on a day-to-day basis.

Who knows now how the players will react with the wages settled.

That might just enable them to put in some much better performances, which are definitely needed – hopefully starting at the weekend against Blackpool.

I am certainly hoping to see some decent displays, starting with this weekend’s game which I am at.

Hopefully, the fans will be up for it with the news regarding Cellino this week. They will feel that a weight has been lifted and that there is some stability again.

They now know what is happening to the football club, which was so important.

Although it’s been a bit of a double-edged week, with the takeover happening but the club also posting large financial losses.

Leeds now need to rebuild on and off the pitch and everything needs to calm down and let’s hope a few smiles can be put back on the faces of fans, with a bit of luck starting this weekend at Elland Road.

If any set of fans deserve a few good results, it’s Leeds’ who have had a really torrid time so far this year.

The United squad needs a big revamp

Hi Andy, now Cellino is in, do you expect a lot of changes with the playing squad at the end of the season – he’s obviously said what he thinks and been critical of many of them when he’s been interviewed, hasn’t he?

There’s certainly a few out of contract isn’t there? And there will be a fair few players shed.

It’s obvious that Leeds will need to get the wage bill down to bring players in, which looks horrendous and lots of work will certainly need to be done if Massimo Cellino is going to achieve his aim of getting Leeds to the Premier League by the end of the 2015-16 season.

He will have to certainly put his money where his mouth is to achieve that, but obviously with such things as the Financial Fair Play, you have to be clever in terms of what you spent as well.

Obviously, Leeds announced their losses this week and losses are limited under the FFP and there’s that to contend with as well.

A lot has to be done to restructure the squad over the next few years to get them in a position to be fighting for promotion.

In terms of now, Cellino will use the time for the rest of the season to both assess what he has got in the squad along with Brian McDermott.

Cellino, pictured above, is bound to have his own opinions on players as well and it promises to be an interesting and maybe a busy summer.

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