Leeds United: Break has been a big boost for Leeds boss Milanic – Gray

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i think this last week will have been very beneficial to Darko Milanic.

He’s had a chance to work with the players that he’s not actually seen yet and it will have given him an opportunity to see what they can do, to work on what he thinks is going to be his best XI.

He’ll have been looking at all the players, assessing them on their merits and trying to work out what his best team is.

So I think these two weeks will be very beneficial for him because he’ll get to know the players and know what they are capable of doing.

When you first come into a football club – especially from abroad – he wouldn’t have known any of the players. And he wouldn’t have seen much of the Championship. He might have looked at a couple of videos but that doesn’t actually give you the true merits of the player and the qualities they’ve got. This week he’ll have been working with them and it will have given him that opportunity. I think he’ll have been looking at lots of things this week – both defensively and trying to be a little bit more creative in the last third as well.

We’ve had plenty of possession of the ball in recent games without actually creating a lot and I think that’s something he’ll be looking at.

We’ve got to try and create a little bit more when we get in good areas. We got in some great areas against Sheffield Wednesday and against Reading as well but we never capitalised on it and that’s got to be stepped up a bit. We’ve got to be a little bit more calculated in and around in the box. We’ll see what’s changed at Rotherham on Friday and it’s important for the coach to get a win under his belt. The sooner it comes the better and that obviously means the next game.

The first game after the break is at Rotherham and it’s a local derby as well. There’ll be a big crowd at the game so there’ll be lot of people watching it and the game’s on television so there will be a lot of people viewing it and they’ll be assessing how the club have progressed under the new coach. The quicker he can get a victory under his belt the better for everybody at the football club but it will not be an easy task – the same as it will also be a tough game at Norwich the following Tuesday.

And I think the improvement will be a gradual process. It might happen right away but I would think he’ll still be looking at certain players and trying to pick out what’s his best formation. You look at the front boys but then you look at Billy Sharp and Steve Morison coming on against Sheffield Wednesday and he’ll be looking at every avenue to try and get what he thinks is the best XI on the pitch. You might see a couple of changes but then you don’t know how things have gone in training.

Maybe he might try and boost it a little bit. He might try and improve things in the last third and play somebody else as you look at Billy Sharp and Morison who’ve not played and Adryan the Brazilian boy.

I don’t know how he’s doing in training, and will Lewis Cook come back in? The young boy Chris Dawson also seems to have bounced back a little bit according to reports so he might get an opportunity but I think he will basically go with experienced players in the midfield area – particularly at Rotherham where it’s going to be like a cauldron with the atmosphere. It’s a tight ground and there’ll be a big crowd and it’s a local derby so he will probably go with the more experienced players.

But I think Adryan could be on the bench. If people are saying that Adryan is a bit too small and slight for the Championship it might be something he has to work on but if he can play it doesn’t make any difference how big he is. If you’re a player, you’re a player – that’s it and there’s plenty of great small players in and around the world.

You only need to look at Raheem Sterling at Liverpool and he’s not a giant is he?

It might be tough in the Championship but if a boy can play he can play in any league and it’s easier to play in the Championship than it is to play in the Premier League!

In the Premier League you are playing against the best players and you’re lucky if you get a kick of the ball!

Paul Heckingbottom.

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