Leeds United: Board must come good on promises - Ormsby

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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan. Are you worried by the lack of transfer activity at Leeds?

It must be frustrating for Brian McDermott when he says he has deals lined up and players waiting to sign and they haven’t yet.

Brian obviously knows the players he wants and will have spoken to a number and it’s now just a question of getting the go-ahead from the board.

I don’t know what they said to him when they brought him in for the job, but I am sure they would told him certain things he can and can’t have and he would have asked for certain things and now it’s about sticking to their word and backing him by giving him the money want he needs.

I am sure he will just want a fair budget to enable him to get the players in who he wants who will be able to compete in this division and it’s about him getting the backing now.

People are asking me all the time: ‘Do you think he will do a good job’ and do this and do that. He will, if he is given the backing and support with the money he needs.

But like any manager, if he has been told he is going to get it and then he doesn’t, then he is going to struggle.

If he’s got the players lined up, ready and waiting to sign, it’s now up to the board to do their bit.

The thing with Leeds now is that they can’t just rely on their name alone.

A few years ago, if you asked certain players from clubs in this league and lower-league clubs: ‘Do you want to come to Leeds’, they would have jumped at the chance.

These days, that’s not the case as they can get better money elsewhere. I don’t agree with clubs throwing money at players, but nowadays, if clubs want to progress and push for promotion, then they have to give managers the backing they need and the money. That’s the reality.

I remember when I left Villa, a big club, in the mid-eighties to join Leeds. Back then, I would have walked to Leeds! Over the next couple of decades, players would have done it, but now nothing has really happened with the club. Players will look at it and think: ‘Leeds? A big club, but I can get more money somewhere else.’

I hate to say it, but now you have to pay the players what they want. It’s often not the draw of the club, but the money.

I am sure Brian will improve the playing staff with the people he brings in.

As far as the fans are concerned, they will want to hear that things and happening at the club and that a so-called ‘name’ or two are coming in. That will get them buying the season tickets and looking forward to the season. If nothing happens, then they won’t bother. Even if Leeds bought just one or two names that stand out, it will get the fans buzzing.

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