Leeds United: Big Swede Jansson could be a presence in defence - Ritchie

Pontus Jansson, in action for Malmo against Drogheda United(right) Picture: Niall Carson/PA Wire
Pontus Jansson, in action for Malmo against Drogheda United(right) Picture: Niall Carson/PA Wire
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if people are saying that today’s Championship clash with Huddersfield Town at Elland Road is a must-win game for Garry Monk then I’m a bit nonplussed with that.

Since Mr Cellino has been in, I can see why people are saying that, definitely.

And it really is stupid, I think, that it should be that way, and probably people will be saying that.

It’s wrong and he’s got to be given time but I keep saying that every two or three months when a new manager comes in.

We keep saying that he has got to give them time and there is no purpose in doing what he’s been doing.

But I don’t think he is ever going to change his spots.

Do I think it can ever work under Cellino at Leeds? If I’m brutally honest, I don’t think so, because of what I have just talked about – the rumours around that it’s a must-win game for Garry and all that.

It’s totally ludicrous but it’s happened so many times before.

And if you are not putting the money in to get better players then it’s an ongoing thing.

No-one more than me hopes that Garry can do it here.

I was at Barnsley for a short time with him. He was a player there when I was there and when I was the Academy manager he was there.

I think he was captain at Barnsley at that time and he has got leadership skills. And then there’s obviously what he did st Swansea.

You know that he’s got it but it’s whether or not he can produce another rabbit out of the hat. It’s a big game against Huddersfield and I think I would put new centre-back Pontus Jansson straight into the team.

Why not?

With the whole thing with Sol Bamba leaving, I think they need somebody that has got a big presence there.

That’s not disrespecting anybody else but they need somebody that will go up and stick his head on things and hopefully this fella will do it.

He’s fresh – okay he’s been away and he’s maybe had to travel a little bit – but he hasn’t played so why not give him a go.

It depends as well on how much he has integrated with the side and how many training sessions he has had and whether Garry thinks that he’s bedded into the system and the way he wants to play.

I’m saying why not put him in but there are all those things to consider as well and I don’t know how much he has been able to get ‘into’ the side yet.

It’s a big game, it’s a local derby and that might be one of the considerations that maybe Garry might be thinking.

He might be thinking is it fair to chuck him in a massive game like it is. That might be one of the things that he’s thinking about.

But if he’s there because he wants him to be that type of leader and player then there’s no better game to see whether he has got he credentials to do that.

I have obviously been involved at both clubs but I would want Leeds to win it because I had a lot longer there as a player at Leeds.

Obviously I am very, very pleased that Huddersfield are doing well at the moment and that they are flying high but Leeds probably need the points more than them.

But it will be a tough game.

Leeds then play Blackburn Rovers in the league at Elland Road on Tuesday and I think irrespective of the Huddersfield game I think they’ve got to win that.

Those are the points that you have got to take when you have been a bit inconsistent which is what they have been and that’s the way they have been for a while.

You have got to get results against teams like that and these games are really, really important for you.

I can see this being a really tough game at the weekend but I still think that with everything that goes around and the places in the actual league tables goes out of the window for me.

They have just got to go into it and say ‘right, this is a game where everything around it doesn’t really come into play’.

You have just got to go out and play for pride and passion and show the fans that they have got that.

You get that out of the way and then you have definitely got to get those three points against Blackburn who are struggling.

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