Leeds United: Becchio can regain his form of old - Ormsby

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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

HI Brendan. What’s happened to Luciano Becchio of late? He doesn’t look the same player of old? And what players do we need to bring in during the summer?

Ted, Pudsey

I think it’s all down to confidence and I think strikers probably suffer because of it more than anyone.

I don’t want to make excuses for him because we are all in the same game together and if I’ve got to do my job as a defender for example then they’ve got to do their job as strikers.


That’s their job – to score goals – and if they aren’t doing that then they lose confidence and there is always someone there waiting to step in who thinks they can do a better job.

Really, I just think it’s a big matter of confidence with him and I still think he can do a good job for Leeds because he is a hard worker.

He doesn’t just stand there, he puts in a good shift and he is part of a team.

But it depends as well if Neil Warnock fancies him and if Neil does then he’s got a future at the club. Otherwise, if Luciano wants to stay at the club then he has got to prove himself all over again.

As for what players need to be brought in, I still think he has got to sort the defence out to be honest.

We have been leaking goals for the last two or three seasons and we let seven in against Forest.

Then I heard the game on Saturday was worse than the Forest game, even though they only got beaten 2-0.

What I have watched over the last two seasons at the back has been poor and while I know you have got to give kids a chance, I think you’ve got get some experience through the middle of the side – the backbone of the team. We need to get an experienced centre-half in there to help the kids along and it’s no good putting two young lads in together.

When I was coming through I was always playing alongside someone who had been around for quite a few years and it helped me.

They have got the experience, they talk to you and if you have got two young lads there, they have got no experience.

So, he needs to sort the back four out, especially the two centre-halves and maybe get some experience through the middle as well.

I still think we need someone in there who everyone knows about and who has got a reputation – like a Robbie Savage.

I don’t like Robbie much but he does the job and everyone knows what he is about.

On top of the four or five that he already wants to keep he needs to add some experience – a couple of centre halves, a midfielder and maybe even another striker.

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