Leeds United: Backline looking too vulnerable for my liking - Lorimer

Mirco Antenucci
Mirco Antenucci
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Looking at us, I do wonder if we currently have a strong enough backline to be able to withstand pressure as, for me, we look vulnerable to crosses in the box and high balls.


That was shown at Bristol City on Wednesday. We were 2-0 up and sat back and sometimes it is a risky thing to fall back and rely on holding on.

I do seriously worry about us being able to hold on when we allow teams to get crosses in the box and high balls.

Our failures were also shown against Burnley on the opening day of the season, when we allowed a high ball to come into the box and Sam Vokes got in the late header and then it proved again on Wednesday that we aren’t coping with these situations as well as we should do.

To invite the opposition on with our defence just now is not advisable.

With the second goal, it was a corner kick which we never got away and there was a scramble and they put the ball into the net from about a yard out.

I am a forward and not a great believer, with 20 minutes to go and you are winning 2-0, in trying to shore it up.

In the period when we made a change and took off Mirco Antenucci, I think we had them.

Once we got that second goal, you could see the Bristol City players’ heads go down and I felt that we would go on and get a third.

But we changed the tactics and took Antenucci off. I am a forward-thinking person and would have personally gone for the third goal; although it is okay saying that after the event.

If we had won 2-0, everyone would have said it was the right thing to do.

Coaches, in certain situations, have to make decisions one way or the other.

Maybe with five minutes to go, I would have done it. But there were 25 minutes left and that’s a long time to try and hold on and invite the opposition to put balls into your box.

But it’s one of those things. If you make the change and it comes off; great. If it doesn’t come off; people whinge about it.

Overall, it was a disappointing finish to the game at Ashton Gate. I don’t think Bristol City won a point, but it was more a case that we let them back into the game.

I said before the two away games that if we could get four points from them, I’d be more than happy and it looked like we had them in the bag.

To see us make two late slips was disappointing and the club will be a bit disappointed at the outcome at the end, although some people would say a draw away from home is a good result.

But when you are two-nil up going into the dying seconds, you should be able to hold on.

Uwe made a bit about the six minutes of stoppage-time. But there were five or six substitutions and then Tom Adeyemi went down for a spell and Scott Wootton got a booking for time-wasting.

Before the board was put up, I was thinking it would be five minutes and the referee put up six.

But I just think that at 2-0 up, Bristol City were there for burying. You could hear the crowd becoming disgruntled, some started to leave and fans were chanting.

Their heads looked down for me.

Despite the result, the positive is we are still undefeated, but we need to beat Sheffield Wednesday now.

We were all disappointed on Wednesday. But there’s no sympathy in this game and we must get a result on Saturday.

But with this league, I do think there’s going to be more draws than anything as there’s not a lot between the teams. But my mindset was four points away from home this week and we almost had it.

It was great to see Chris Wood get off the mark at Bristol and Antenucci also looked sharp and got the penalty which he scored from following a good run.

The interpassing for Wood’s goal was also great from the halfway line between the pair and it was a lovely goal.

They linked up well and that was why I was disappointed Antenucci went off as I thought Bristol City were frightened of them and they had problems with Antenucci.

But for Wood, he can only get strength from that goal and it will do him the world of good.