Leeds United: ‘And the rollercoaster continues...’

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Leeds United fans take to the web to share shock and confusion after head coach Milanic is sacked.

Leeds United fans have been left reeling after the club sacked head coach Darko Milanic after just six games and 32 days as head coach.



Following the announcement by owner Massimo Cellino that Milanic had been relieved of his duties legions of White supporters went online to question exactly what was happening at Elland Road.

Despite Cellino’s quick move to promote academy boss Neil Redfearn to the head coach’s job with immediate effect, fans have been asking via the YEP website and Facebook page exactly why the club appears to be in so much turmoil.

Simon Firth: At least we have one team in this city who can win things cos this sorry bunch of nobodies will ever win anything – bring on the new Rugby League season.

Damien Richard McBarron: And The Rollercoaster continues........

Shaun Hopkinson: Leeds are doomed with that idiot in charge!

Christian Hobson: I feel sorry for him. As he left a job to come here.

Joanne Young: A bit of stability for the club and the fans is badly needed. Being on the dole seems to have more job security than being Leeds manager!

Phil Jones: This Cellino bloke is a serious clown.

Anthony Antmysta Hibbert: I feel sorry for Redfern.. he is going to be gone in 10 games.

Malcolm Deighton: So does Cellino replace Ken Bates as chief villain – I think big YES.

Tony Ducey: You cannot make it up leeds are becoming the laughing stock of football.

David Holdsworth: Always a story with Leeds United, any thoughts on the next manager/coach? Moyes is 100/1 maybe?

Steven Briggs: I bet they will go through a dozen managers before end of season. Bring back the steady Revie days.

Loraine Holmes: Why do managers get sacked when it’s the players on the field who are at fault? Sack one or more of those! Or withhold wages.

Steven Cockx: Yet some still thjnk Cellino is the best thing since sliced bread.

TheDub: I feel sorry for Neil Redfern. In accepting this job he has effectively given in his notice. In a short while he will be sacked. He should stay where he is, at least he will still work for Leeds and be some benefit to the club. Bye Neil it was nice knowing you.

Mick jones elbow: Sad day for Leeds United. The football world is laughing at us. Tomorrow however we have a coach that we can all get behind 100 per cent. Massimo, you must back him too.

Foxhill: Cellino has put Redfearn in for one month. He said this will give him chance to interview two other suitable candidates for the job. The Chuckle brothers! To You To Me!

But other fans have celebrated the Italian’s latest move.

Harry Prideaux: Thank God.

Mark Gomersall: Neil Redfearn, the man, yes. MOT

Craig Robinson: About time, now let the real manager manage the team!!

Emma Nymphias Benson: Yaaaay happy days mot.

Not famous any more: Cellino makes mistakes, then he fixes them. Fast. Milanic’s performance today [Saturday] was beyond inept. Apparantly Redfern and Cellino were sat together today. Who knows what was said?! I think - no matter what - Redfern in now til the end of the season, and pick up from there. Need someone good to run the academy now. Jimmy Floyd? Naylor?

And other fans questioned if Redfern was the right man for the job.

King Michael Lofthouse: Silly. Very silly. Hockaday was the wrong choice, a first team coach was the wrong choice, 6 games isn’t long enough.

David Cooper: I feel ashamed and disgusted tonight. And now the clown employs Redfearn. A non league and academy coach whose record is 16 wins from 67 games in charge. Redfearn is as big a fool to take the job as Cellino is for offering it.

Felix Wiedwald

Leeds United boss Paul Heckingbottom makes no assurances over Felix Wiedwald