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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

HI BRENDAN, happy new year.

Alex Bruce has been brought in from the cold at Leeds. Are you surprised and do you think he still might have a future?

Tony H, Beeston

FROM what I’ve seen of Alex, he’s not what I’d call a commanding out-and-out centre-half, who dominates in the air and commands the back four.

I do think he’ll struggle to carve out a career there at Leeds. Last season, he played a few games, made some mistakes and kept getting left out of the team.

After going out on loan to Huddersfield, now suddenly centre-halves ahead of him aren’t fit and he’s back.

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He’ll have had a chat with his dad, I’d have thought and he’ll look at the situation and how old he is and by the looks of it, he’s second or third-choice and he’s down the pecking order.

What I will say is that when he gets his chance, he quite simply must take it. Fair play to him, what he hasn’t done is what Andy O’Brien has and said he doesn’t want to play for the club again after being left out for so long.

If Leeds do use him, maybe he can use Leeds for himself as well; it’s a case of ‘watch this space.’ He might play, do well and maybe get himself a transfer. That’s all you can do in this situation.

Alex coming back and doing well on Monday, won’t have done him any harm along with his comments after.

Andy went the opposite way and said he doesn’t want to play, which hasn’t done him any good with Leeds supporters, as what he did went down with a bag of bricks with them who won’t want to know him anymore as his heart is not now in the club.

He can only do his best when selected and do what he can for himself and the team.

Something might change and Simon might change his mind about him and if he doesn’t, he might play well enough to get a move.

If he stays at Leeds, great and if what he does helps him stay in the team or get a move, then he’s done a job for both sides.

I’ve been in Alex’s situation before and it all depends on what you are made of.

It’s a hard one for Alex, following in his dad’s footsteps and playing in the same position.

It’s a bit different for me; my lad Liam is a midfielder and I was a centre-half and in that sense no-one compares us. Alex has followed his dad into professional football and Brucie was one hell of a centre-half who should have played for England.

Alex isn’t like his dad was. I played with Brucie as a youngster and we were the same, we were both loud!

Alex isn’t the same and for me is more of a ‘second centre-half’ alongside a big, commanding one.

Paul Heckingbottom.

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