Leeds United: A goal against his former club would be big boost for Morison – Ritchie

Sol Bamba and Steve Morison challenge for a high ball against Reading.
Sol Bamba and Steve Morison challenge for a high ball against Reading.
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SATURDAY’s game against Millwall is obviously one of the biggest games of the season and I think Steve Morison will be looking forward to that one as well.

He’s done fantastically well, although he hasn’t scored, and I think he’s led the line brilliantly – he’s rejuvenated the side in the way that they’ve played because they have played a different way.

And it was another fantastic result the other night because Reading is not an easy place to go.

Reading have been on a bit of a roll and I just felt, what a great result.

Leeds were unlucky, I think, against Brentford, and that was a bit of a half-step backwards, unfortunately, with the results they’ve had recently.

But it’s nice to see these players doing well and while I’ve touched on Morison there, Sam Byram and Luke Murphy have scored two and three goals apiece in the last four or five games.

Murphy just seems to be a bit rejuvenated and we’re now probably seeing the player I’ve always said he is.

The Leeds fans are seeing that now and Sam has come back to the player that we all knew he was anyway.

He looks to be full of confidence again and that is good for Leeds United.

In terms of Morison, I don’t think the Millwall fans would be too pleased if he scored against them this weekend!

But Steven would relish a goal against anybody just at the minute.

He is obviously playing well, he’s working for the team and he’s doing his job.

He’s leading that line virtually on his own, he’s running into corners and into channels and the goal will definitely come.

It’s just the job he is doing at the minute probably reduces your chances of a goal because you are doing a lot of the donkey work.

Of course the manager will be reassuring him, saying that he is playing well, and that sort of placates you a little bit.

But as a striker you are always wanting to see your name in lights and you are always wanting to see your name on the scoresheet.

Steve will be no different to that and I just hope he gets it sooner rather than later because he has come back into the side and he is doing well in other areas.

As time goes on it does play on your mind a little bit but he’s had chances and if he wasn’t having the chances, from personal experience, I would be a bit more concerned about it.

He’s had chances but he just hasn’t managed to convert them.

My longest run without a goal wasn’t as long as Steve has had, unfortunately or fortunately depending on the way you look at it. It definitely wasn’t.

But I wasn’t ploughing a lone furrow.

Football has changed and I think in my career I probably played up front on my own twice.

Football is a different game now but I think Steve can be very pleased with his performances.

Leeds are getting results with the way they are playing and, personally, as a manager, you don’t bother where the goals are coming from, as long as you get them.

Okay, it might be a little bit of a concern that the forwards haven’t scored but if you are getting results you are doing what you want to do at the minute which is getting points on the board and getting a bit of daylight.

They are up to 17th, five points off the relegation zone and hopefully they can get another three points this weekend.

As Redders has said, everybody is bunching up a little bit and when you look at it, another three points and they are 12th.

It’s so strange, everybody is in that little bunched up area and if they can keep this run going they could see themselves bolstered up to 10th or ninth if they get a few results and other teams drop points.

I don’t think Neil will be that bothered about the strikers not scoring at the moment.

I think he’ll be pleased with the goals that are coming from other areas.

Hopefully when the forwards start getting goals, that can only be better.