Why Leeds United fans are searching for these players right now including Samir Nasri and Helder Costa

It's been a big week for Leeds United rumours - and these are the players Leeds United fans are searching for right now.

By Alex Evans
Saturday, 29th June 2019, 10:18 am

There can be any number of reasons that fans search a specific player's name in relation to Leeds United. Transfer targets, loan deals, new contracts, or players leaving the club, and indeed it can take just one unfounded rumour on a website to spark a run of Googling which pushes a player's name up the rankings. Here we take a look at the top players trending on Google right now associated with a search for 'Leeds United' - and explore the reasons why each player is ranking high on Google.

Reason: The Wolves winger has been strongly linked with a move to Leeds United, with news breaking on Saturday that the Premier League star is interested in a move to Elland Road.
Search Rank + 3,400% | A crazy spike in searches for Nasri + Leeds United is coming largely from an analysis piece on a website calling for Bielsa to make a swoop. Sadly, the rumour is he's off to Anderlecht or Dubai instead.

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Search Rank + 500 % | Reason: Aston Villa have been linked with the Leeds United midfielder as bookies slash odds on the move from 7/4 to 1/5, borne out of supposed screenshots of texts causing odds to tumble.
Search Rank + 750% | Reason: This is an easy one. The 21-year-old Leeds United striker has just gone out on loan to Dutch side Vitesse Arnhem on a season-long deal.
Search Rank + 300% | A lot to unpack. The England U21 and Chelsea star has been linked with Leeds, but some reports suggest incoming Blues manager Frank Lampard could block it as 'revenge for Spygate'. Take with a pinch of salt.
Search Rank: Breakout (over 1000%) | Reason: Sensational (nonsense) reports linked the Italian World Cup winning goalkeeper with a move to Elland Road. Obviously, that's not happening!