Marcelo Bielsa says Leeds United are over the pain as new quest continues to Take Us Home

MANY MINDS will be cast back to Leeds United’s late season collapse today.

Friday, 16th August 2019, 10:03 am
WE GO AGAIN: Head coach Marcelo Bielsa takes his seat backed by Leeds United's huge support for the club's first home game of the new season against Nottingham Forest.

Fans, staff, players even will be taken back on the rollercoaster of emotions that was Marcelo Bielsa’s first season with the Whites through the six-part documentary Take Us Home: Leeds United, out today on Amazon Prime. There is, though, even in the movies this time, no happy ending.

Even managing director Angus Kinnear admits episode six is “like a car crash in slow motion but with no survivors.”

Leeds, however, are back to relive the tale - with Bielsa confident the city is over last season’s hurt which in actual fact has made the club, fans and players stronger then ever before.

Episode one of Take Us Home: Leeds United was screened at a premiere in Leeds on Wednesday evening with plenty asking the same question - how did 2018-19 not end in promotion to the Premier League?

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Football that swept the Championship aside - pre-season title favourites Stoke City, Derby and eventual champions Norwich all battered, seven-straight wins through November and December and miraculous last-minute victories that suggested even the Gods were Leeds.

A place in the top two for the nearly the entire season but alas not when it mattered after one point from a possible final 12.

Bielsa, though, is about looking forward - not back - and confident his men have fully digested the pain from last season which, he says, has actually made Leeds even stronger and united than before.

“I did not watch the documentary because for me it’s uncomfortable to watch things that I am involved in,” said Bielsa.

“I know it’s a very quality documentary.

“The fans are the ones who have to evaluate this and these types of films have a high link with success and we didn’t have success last season so maybe it looks like the documentary is out of time.

"But I think that Leeds is over the no success.

“In the football world, we have a lot of sentences about the feeling of love for things.

“The idea of these sentences is that you multiply and have a more positive feeling with something when you are facing more adversity or more problems - like the songs the fans are singing in the stadium.

“They broke the link between the success and the love and the feelings for the teams.

“Right now, in this world, it’s not a typical thing because nowadays we have the value depending about what we get.

“The people who go to watch the football are not like the people who go to watch the theatre and maybe this documentary goes in the direction of this feeling that Leeds has very clear.

“Football has a lot of very good messages to give, a lot of these messages happen on the pitch, but a lot these messages happen outside the pitch as well.”

Bielsa was assessing the effects of the documentary as he faced the media ahead of Saturday’s clash at Wigan in which a victory would take Leeds to seven points out of a possible nine.

Win at home to Brentford on Wednesday and the Whites will have mirrored last season’s haul of ten points from their first four games.

This time Bielsa and Leeds will need a different conclusion but the head coach is evidently proud of his club’s support regardless.

Deep thinker Bielsa explained: “I was thinking this documentary starts from one person who was recording the game in the crowd from behind the goal so he is not watching a lot.

“Then to multiply this person, we can say there are people that cannot watch and they go to the stadium.

“It talks a lot about football and it talks a lot about football from one place that we never watched. It’s more attractive for the fusion of the things.

“The car that one football player has or the size of the house of one football player is more attractive than the fan or the supporter who goes to the stadium who can only listed to the game because he cannot watch the game.

“But for me, those type of people who go the stadium and cannot watch is making football bigger because it’s a feeling you have without any conditions when you go to the stadium when you can only listen to a game. The feeling is over everything.

“If I love someone, even when they are not giving to me success or the wins, of course to have the illusion of winning is the key.

“If I go to the stadium even when I cannot watch but I go the stadium every time it means that the key is the feeling that you have, the emotion.

"This type of behaviour should make us feel proud of this.

“Sometimes I read in the newspapers when they are talking about for example the new house of Hazard or car of Ronaldo.

“You hear this type of information but you are missing the real history that is talking about these types of feelings and emotions of the people that suffer more to do the things.

"These types of facts are creating like a huge barrier to the fans and then the message goes more for one side than to the other.”

That, for Bielsa, in assessing last season and Take Me Home was that - but not before one last quip.

After his deep analysis, Bielsa left his seat for the press room exit to continue preparations for Wigan.

But then he came back.

Deep, deep down, missing out on promotion clearly still hurts.

He smiled: ”I am not saying this to justify why I did not give a lot of wins!”