I’d make clubs give bosses a full season!

Gary Megson.
Gary Megson.
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Hi Brendan. It seems to be the sacking season – Simon Grayson, Mick McCarthy, Lee Clark and now Gary Megson. Do you think there should be a window where you can change a manager – a bit like the transfer window?

Charlie Fenton, via email

IT’S something I’ve seen before and I agree with, Charlie. I know Simon and Mick going weren’t too big a surprise, but Clark’s and Megson’s sackings were.

Looking at Megson going, alright Sheffield Wednesday haven’t won every game in League One – but they are still in a good position and while they might not get in the top two, will definitely get in the play-offs. For me, that decision must have been something to do with a personality clash.

I played against Megson years ago and know what a fiery character he is and I’m sure he will be the same with his managerial ways. He won’t stand there and be quiet. I know the chairman, Milan Mandaric, has been saying he only wants the best for Sheffield Wednesday but, to me, that’s a load of rubbish. It seemed only a few weeks ago, it was a case of ‘Megson’s doing a great job’. They are still in a healthy position in the league and something must have been going on behind closed doors which we don’t know about.

For me, there are too many transfer windows throughout the football season. I’ve said it before but to my mind the window should open as soon as one season ends and close as soon as the next one starts. And I think it should be the same with managers.

You always get chairmen and boards coming out and saying: ‘We’ve got the best man for the job.’ Well, if he’s the best man, you should start the season with him and end it with him!

That’s my opinion because currently management is a merry-go-round. No other businesses are run like football, where one manager is sacked after a bad run for a few months and another brought in and so on. Most businesses wouldn’t survive doing that.

Look at Simon leaving our place. He got the sack and a few weeks later is back in at Huddersfield.

Once you have been in the management game in the Football League for a few years, you are in a job for two or three years, get the sack and maybe do a bit of press or TV work before turning up at another club.


Some clubs just don’t get it – chopping and changing managers all the time. Look at Sheffield Wednesday and Aston Villa. And don’t forget when managers are sacked, it’s a big upheaval for players. Those at Wednesday and Huddersfield will have got used to Clark and Megson and now, despite both sides doing alright this season, all the players are on trial again.

I know clubs will say: ‘It’s our club and we employ who we want’, but I do agree with a window for managers. You have one at the start of the season and you must stick with him, come what may.

If you are not happy with things, you can always sack them at the end of the season and that’s fair enough to me. Managers couldn’t really complain at being judged on a season’s results.

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