Former Leeds United striker Robbie Fowler stuck in the UK as Brisbane Roar boss reflects on 60-hour trip home

FORMER Leeds United striker Robbie Fowler says he is stuck in the UK away from the Brisbane Roar team he manages after a 60-hour journey back home amidst the global fight against coronavirus.

By Lee Sobot
Saturday, 20th June 2020, 12:25 pm
Updated Saturday, 20th June 2020, 7:50 pm

Fowler became manager of A-League side Brisbane back in April 2019 but the former Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester City star had to hastily fly back to the UK as the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard back in the Spring.

The A-League season was suspended at the end of March and Fowler has revealed how he had to fly home via Los Angeles with no other flights available as part of a 60-hour round trip back home.

Three months later, the A-League announced on Tuesday that their season is set to resume on July 16 but as things stand, Brisbane Roar will be without their manager.

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STUCK: Former Leeds United striker and now Brisbane Roar boss Robbie Fowler, pictured watching on during the clash against Newcastle Jets at Cbus Super Stadium on March 20. Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images.

"I am just waiting for some info back off my club," said Fowler, speaking on Soccer AM.

"I am essentially still stood down, the players are back in training but I am still stood down.

"I've put some info to the club to get me over and at the minute it looks like they are not going to get me a flight so it looks like it might really be up to me to try and make that move.

"Everyone is just going with this virus and clubs not just in Australia but all over the world have been hard done by.

"Obviously with me being a foreigner as such, it just seems I am not a priority if that makes sense.

"Everyone had been stood down from the start of the virus and in the last few days all the players have been stood back up so that means they can potentially go back and train.

"But with me being the manager stuck in the UK I am still stood down so it's a little bit of a nightmare but we'll have to wait and see how this one turns out."

Reflecting on the circumstances around flying back home, Fowler said: "It was getting bad but not as bad as the UK.

"My family were in the UK and I was listening to them and getting all the inside info but it was tough.

"I was over there, I was actually living with my assistant and as soon as I got wind of what was happening we just needed to get a flight home.

"The league got cancelled to a certain date and I just knew I needed to get back and I struggled to get a flight.

"I managed to get home which was a horrendous trip home, waiting around in airports and travelling the length of the world.

"I actually came home a totally different way via LA.

"All the Asian airports were closed so it took me just over 60 hours to get home from Australia. It was a horrendous three days travelling."

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