Eddie Gray: Leeds United board needs to be open with its personnel and support

Alex Mowatt
Alex Mowatt
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IT’S been a tough week for Leeds United.

It’s also been a tough week for Neil Redfearn, it will have been hard for the players and the long-suffering fans as well.

There’s been a lot of optimism surrounding the club in recent weeks but in the last few days it has all gone a bit sour.

Steve Thompson has left, for whatever reason, and nobody really knows what the thoughts are behind it as the club haven’t really made a statement.

But for Neil himself it must have been a few really rough days. He is used to working with his partner and the team have been going well. But then all of a sudden it’s all thrown up in the air.

I think with the game on Saturday, once things started to go a little bit wrong for us with Rudy Austin being sent off, you could see that bit of frustration creeping in.

I felt as though we lost a bit of discipline and I mean discipline from the point of view of concentration levels at defensive situations.

Even though we only had 10 men, we should still have made it a little bit tougher for Blackburn getting through us and we never did.

We were all over the shop and at the end of the day they could have scored six as they hit the woodwork three times and had numerous opportunities.

But you can understand that in a way, with the way things happened this week.

And the worst thing for us on Saturday was the referee played four minutes of injury-time.

Austin’s sending off was a bit harsh but it was a bit silly what he did. He did throw out his arm and you shouldn’t give the referee an opportunity to send you off.

All in all, it was just a disappointing finish to what’s been a traumatic week at the club.

Nobody really knows what’s happening and it’s up to the owner, Neil and the powers that be to sort everything out.

Because you don’t want this to be lingering on into the summer months and then start next season with a cloud hanging over the club. You want to be ready to go.

We have got good young players but if there’s uncertainty surrounding the club then the young players are going to have second thoughts.

Steve was very important to Neil and all assistants are important.

Whether Neil now walks away or not, I don’t know and anything could happen.

There’s got to be reasons behind them letting Steve go or relieving him of his duties. It just seems strange to sack the assistant when the team have been going very well.

People say to me all the time, ‘what’s happening at the football club?’ I say I don’t know.

It’s only the people at the top that know and until they start telling us, we are all left in the dark.

The Mirco Antenucci thing is strange as well.

The whole situation at the club is just disappointing because there’s optimism with the good young players.

But with all this going on, it gives agents the opportunity to say to the young players ‘hey, look at this club now, what’s going to happen with it, you’ve got to think about your future.’

They will want to know what direction the club is going to go in.

If you’re a young player like Sam Byram, Lewis Cook or Alex Mowatt, you want to know if you are going to be at a club that is going to go places because they will want to get in the Premier League.

All the optimism of last week and a couple of weeks ago, it’s all down low again and you could sense that on Saturday with the crowd.

There’s talk of takeovers and the club is going to need some investment if we are going to be challenging in the top six.

There’s no doubt we are going to need players in if we are going to be challenging next season.

So there’s got to be some sort of investment, whether that comes from within the club just now or from outside the club.

If Red Bull came in and called us Leeds Red Bulls, as long as Leeds United are in the Premier League, I don’t think anyone would care what they would call us.

As long as the Leeds name stays.

That’s what they say, ‘we are Leeds,’ that’s it.