Eddie Gray: Cash crucial so Leeds United need to welcome Cellino with open arms

Massimo Cellino.
Massimo Cellino.
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ANYBODY that moves into a new football club starts afresh.

Massimo Cellino is obviously a wealthy man and he’s talking about buying the ground back right away.

I was reading about him wanting to get to know Brian McDermott and work with Brian and the fans, and the club have got to move forward.

You need that stability and there’s no stability if there’s no funds to keep it going and keep it going properly. It’s just a hard fact of the game now – you need finances and your ship needs to be running smoothly.

Cellino is coming in with the money to take this club forward and everybody has got to pull together – simple as that. As Brian says, the important thing now is the relationship and trust between owner and manager. It is the manager who runs the football team or the coach or whatever you want to call it. But Cellino has come up with the money, they have exchanged contracts and it’s upwards and onwards hopefully to the Premier League.

I’ve heard rumours about Alessandro Del Piero coming but I don’t know about that!

But I read a little article with Cellino saying that in Italy he was running a Fiat 500. But he says now he has been given the opportunity to run a Ferrari. And Cellino says the first thing he is going to do is go to the bank to buy the ground back. That’s what the club have been trying to do for a while but we’ve still not done it and it’s a big burden off the football club to actually own the ground again. Cellino is the man with the money and we just hope that the owner, the manager and the staff can take the club back to the Premier League. And you cannot give up on this season yet.

We’re only five points off the play-offs with a game in hand and if we go down to Brighton and get a result tomorrow night then you can never tell where it takes you. But there’s some tough games coming up and I think the next three games will be defining in what we are going to do this season. You’ve got Brighton, Middlesbrough and QPR – all tough away games – and I’d be delighted with five points. That would be a great haul of points but you’ve got to start with tomorrow night and Brighton have had trouble scoring goals at home. We can go there with a degree of confidence. We’ve also seen Luke Varney and Paul Green move on this week and they have been good servants to Leeds United. You just wish them all the best in their careers but I think it’s best for them if they move on. There’ll be lots of changes at this club and if you were the new owner putting about £30m in, you would want to have a say wouldn’t you?! It’s going to be a new regime but it looks as if it’s going to be a regime that has got plenty of financial backing.

Everybody should be pulling together – if Football League approval goes through which everybody seems to be suggesting it will – and I hope it does so we can move forward. You don’t want more uncertainty surrounding the club and hopefully these are exciting times.

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