David Prutton: Ex-Leeds United boss Garry Monk must be looking for a longer-term project

Garry Monk.
Garry Monk.
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LEEDS United always seems to rumble on no matter happens to it.

Considering what we have seen over the last 15 years, the club has taken some real body blows but it always seems to rise from whatever ashes it finds itself in.

Massimo Cellino.

Massimo Cellino.

I think it’s a huge blow Garry Monk leaving, not only because of what people had seen on the pitch but also because he seemed to really throw everybody together.

He built up a really good relationship between himself and the fans and he was a bit of a buffer between the owner and the fans. He gave the fans that bit of hope they needed to get through these slightly tougher times. I think everybody went into the season cautiously optimistic.

When Garry came in you thought it was a good name to have, he’s a good coach at a good level of his career and at a good time in his career.

You thought ‘young manager, youngish team, good combination’.

Eddie Howe.

Eddie Howe.

They didn’t get off to the most stellar of starts but as he was given time and patience to be able to do what he wanted to do with the team, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

They ran out of steam towards the end but maybe that was always going to be the case when you have quite a set group of players that are all playing to their maximum.

It’s human nature to sometimes hit a bit of a brick wall. Garry has been mentioned in the same breath as someone like Eddie Howe who has had a longer time of being in the right place to be able to showcase his talents.

Bournemouth have now had the strongest season they have had in the Premier League which is testament to the fact that if you stick with managers and are patient with them then it pays off.

If Swansea had stuck with Garry then they wouldn’t have spent half of last season messing around with three different managers to get to the permutation that saved them.

Garry is still very young, especially in a managerial sense because the ones we revere are the ones that are 10 or 15 years into it and who have got a good body of work. But he’s obviously found himself in a position where he believes what he wants to do, and thought is he in a position where he is going to have the time to showcase what he can do?

He believes that Leeds isn’t that. That’s his short-term position which he obviously hopes pays dividends in the long term with him being in a job which he will be a bit more suited to and what he wants it to be.

You would think that no managerial job is ever perfect and you’d think that no matter how powerful the manager is, I am sure you would always have to compromise on certain things.

But thoughts and beliefs are what make managers what they are and if Garry believes that it wasn’t going to be what he wanted it to be at Leeds then it’s a manager’s prerogative.

It just goes to show that nowadays you have almost got managers and players in the same boat.

We talked about Charlie Taylor not staying and doing it in the right way and then a couple of weeks later it’s all change.

The man who was setting the agenda for that and who was calling the shots for that is now on his way himself.

It just goes to show how quickly the landscape changes.

It will be intriguing to see where Garry goes next.

I know Garry is favourite for the Middlesbrough job and it will always be the case that Leeds’ fans would be upset by something like that.

That’s absolutely right, it’s a great club and it’s their life, soul and heart that they put into it.

Middlesbrough’s fans might say ‘but we have just come out of the Premier League, albeit with an absolute whimper’ but they have got the most recent Premier League experience and when you look at their ownership it has been consistent.

They have also been financially sound.

I don’t know if I am biased but, having played at Boro and at Elland Road, I can tell you which ones are noisier and a noisier place to play football which is pretty obvious.

But you hear about projects now and all that type of thing and for Garry that wasn’t Leeds.

Even Massimo Cellino said when he left, if you can put up with me then you can put up with everything, which eventually showed a knowing bit of self-deprecation.

Maybe he didn’t take himself too seriously and it was a funny way for him to sign off given how controversial he was.

But I have heard Garry talk about projects and being in a position to build something. Garry obviously views that as being better elsewhere.