Danny Mills: Picture at Leeds United is finally coming into some kind of focus

Massimo Cellino
Massimo Cellino
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The picture at Leeds United looks clearer in some ways following this week’s developments with Massimo Cellino taking over, but less so in others.

The picture at Leeds United looks clearer in some ways following this week’s developments with Massimo Cellino taking over, but less so in others.

In my view, we still don’t really know quite what Cellino’s intentions are for the club.

First and foremost, he will need to bring a bit of stability to the club – to the players, backroom staff and fans, who will be breathing a sigh of relief that administration no longer looks like that it is going to happen.

That was absolutely vital for everyone. But now the next chapter is where does the club go from here?

Who is going to be the manager here next season and who are the players that are going to be here along with coaching staff.

We’ll have to wait and see on that on that count.

Looking at things, I think it’s going to be a toss of a coin whether Brian McDermott is still going to be there next season.

After what has happens so far, I’d probably think it is unlikely.

First and foremost, Cellino will have to look at the situation financially and sort that out. That’s the priority for him, you have got to say.

Players will coming to the end of contracts and the club will need to bring new players in during the summer, of that there is no doubt.

The club needs to be put on a proper financial even keel, that’s the main thing which needs to be addressed though.

It is what we thought would happen when GFH came in, but it has turned out not to be the case, hasn’t it?

One thing about Cellino is that he does seems to have money. That’s almost as vital, if you like, in terms of where Leeds are at the moment, than anything else. It’s got to be good news.

We’ll just have to wait and see to see what is exactly going to happen with Cellino when it gets to pre-season and the new season in terms of his ideas for the club going forward.

He is a new owner who will have ideas of his own in another new chapter for Leeds United, you can be sure.

Cellino has been at Leeds this week and has watched the academy and flew in by helicopter by all accounts.

You have to hope he is a football man and he is obviously passionate about football, you can say that and let’s hope he can improve matters at Leeds and that he’s here for the long haul.

The club needs that and some stability.

He’s obviously been at Cagliari for a long, long time. But I still do think that people are bound to be a little apprehensive and unsure after what has gone on before at Leeds, it’s natural.

All we can do is hope for the best.

At the moment, he’s on a massive charm offensive and you just hope it is all genuine and for genuine reasons.

There’s no reason to believe he is not, right now. We will have to go with it and see what happens.

I guess only time will tell.

Obviously, there’s the issue regarding Brian and his position, which is in many people’s minds at the minute.

Results haven’t been going well, but I think Brian has done a decent job in the circumstances and is a very good manager.

But the situation has gone against him unfortunately and it makes it very, very difficult for him and it hasn’t been easy in the slightest.

By that, I mean getting sacked and reinstated and all that happened there, which will have been very difficult to understand from his point of view.

Looking at it, quite often, when any new owner comes in to a club, he wants his own man and to put his own people in charge – as you do when you take over any company. That’s usually the way.

In business, if that happens and someone comes in, you put your own team in place.

In the final analysis, if you take over a company that hasn’t been doing particularly well, it’s usually either through lack of money or because the management isn’t good.

I am not quite sure what it is in Leeds’ situation, really. There has been a lack of funding, but I am not quite sure if the management is poor.

Obviously, what I would say is that results would say at the moment, for whatever reason – the management isn’t great.

That’s probably the best way of analysing the current situation, in my opinion.

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