Andy Ritchie: Brian has shown his passion for Leeds United

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Ex-Leeds United striker Andy Ritchie answers your questions.

Hi Andy, If you were in Brian McDermott’s shoes, would you have come back to the club with everything that has gone on?

I think some managers, after getting the sack, might have just taken the money and run and looked at the situation around them and said: ‘Right, sod it, I’m going.’

But Brian has fallen in love with the place, that’s the thing that is clear to me.

I spoke to Brian the other weekend and he told me how much he loves the club and thinks the fans are absolutely brilliant.

You don’t know what has gone on behind the scenes, but it does seem farcical to be sacked and then reinstated, you’ve got to say.

But Brian obviously feels for the football club and wants to take it forward and feels he has a lot more to give to the club.

Whatever comes and goes on in the future, that is what has brought him back to Leeds United.

He just felt that he couldn’t walk away and that just shows how much he feels for the football club.

I followed some of the stuff on the web during the day on Friday, but actually didn’t hear that Brian had been sacked until the day after on the news.

I just said: ‘What?’ and then I was straight onto the web again. It was comical and then he got reinstated.

Brian has obviously grown very, very attached to the place in a short space of time. And then for Leeds to get the result like they did against Huddersfield was amazing and right out of the blue with everything going on.

Looking at the whole situation, Brian is the only one who has come out of things with any credit. He’s a good coach and a good manager and also a really nice bloke and that’s something I don’t say lightly.

I have met him a few times and I remember once when I was manager at Barnsley that we went down to train at Reading when we had a game down south when Steve Coppell was manager there and Brian was obviously working there then as part of the backroom staff.

I met him that afternoon and we had a good chat about football and he really impressed me back then. He’s one of the guys who has integrity in the game. He’s knowledgeable, down-to-earth and just an all-around good bloke.

Brian deserves so much better and not many managers will have to deal with what he has done throughout their entire careers.

He has not been bitter and has come out of this sorry mess with his dignity intact.

It’s just crazy what has gone on at Leeds, I’ve got to say that.

There’s no other way to describe it, let’s face it.

Ross could leave in the summer

What do you think to the Ross McCormack situation – if things stay as they are, you can only see him leaving this summer?

I think that could be the case.

With his hat-trick at the weekend, that takes him up to 22 goals, which is fantastic.

With everything that has gone on, if the club had sold him, it would have given them a bit more time to look for new owners.

But if Leeds want to get where they want to be, which is promotion, you have to keep your best players.

After everything ahead of the game and some dodgy results, Saturday’s win was a brilliant boost, on the pitch.

When you are looking at it, Leeds are still not miles off from the play-offs and in terms of Ross, you have to look at it and think that if he carries on the way he is, they could get more for him at the end of the season anyway.

It’s a bit of a gamble, but maybe they might do.

Let’s face it, Ross should finish with around 30 goals if not more.

That will push his price up even more. He signed a new contract, but we all know contracts are not worth that much.

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