Club Event for Ancient Forests Campaign

Clubland is uniting behind Greenpeace's new Ancient Forests Campaign in a rare display of shared concern.

A selection of the country's finest clubs like Basics, Fabric, The End, Golden, Bugged Out, Ministry of Sound, Wall of Sound, The Bomb, Sankeys Soap, Concord and Turnmills are supporting the Save or Delete campaign to highlight the devastating effects of ancient forest destruction, by dedicating one of their regular nights to raise funds for the campaign.

The action centres around the third week in March (18-25), but many clubs have extended their activity to other weekends, and some have given the whole month to the cause.

A Save or Delete night will feature stunning visuals provided by Hexstatic, specially designed for the campaign as well as limited edition posters and vote-cards designed by maverick painter and decorator Banksy.

The vote-cards will be distributed and filled out by the clubbers who will have their say as to whether to Save or Delete the world's remaining ancient forests.

They'll be posted in ballot boxes, returned to Greenpeace headquarters where they'll be transformed into an art installation by up-and-coming British artist Tod Hanson.

The art piece will be taken to Downing Street before going to The Hague in April, where 180 nations will gather to discuss the Ancient Forest Crisis. The art sculpture will be a very tangible way for clubbers to see the result of their individual response.

Save or Delete is being championed by a list of famous DJs, promoters, artists and designers that reads like a who's who. DJ Tom Middleton says: "The lungs of the earth are being destroyed. Could you live without your lungs? Save the forests or delete life."

Lol Hammond has said: "No wood, no trees, no teddy bears picnics, just urban wolves in concrete jungles… you decide." Mr Scruff has said: "It's up to us to take responsibility for the future of our planet." It would seem that after September 11, people want to make a difference on global issues and Save or Delete gives them ideas for how to get involved. Check out the website: which will be the hub of the campaign.