Yorkshire CCC’s Tom Kohler-Cadmore adding wicketkeeping techniques to his all-round game

Yorkshire’s Tom Kohler-Cadmore has been working on his wickekeeping to increase his skillset and make him more appealing to international selectors.

Friday, 30th July 2021, 2:00 pm

Speaking in a video by club sponsor Vertu Motors batsman, bowler and now wicketkeeper. Kohler-Cadmore has adapted and broadened his skill-set in an effort give his county an overall advantage.

Kohler-Cadmore, 26, who players for Yorkshire County Cricket Club has spent time adapting his craft to add wicketkeeping to his specialisms.

“For overseas competitions you need to have more than one skill to potentially be selected,” he said in the latest video release from club sponsor Vertu Motors.

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Tom Kohler-Cadmore in action for Yorkshire (Picture: SWPix.com)

“Me being able to add wicketkeeping to my game would actually make me more selectable.

“If they pick me as a wicket keeper then it might make the balance of the team slightly different, they can play say an extra bowler or a batter instead of having to play the specialist wicket keeper”

“It’s about getting the team in the best position possible.”

The video drills down into the detail of the change to his game and the technical aspects of catching on the wicket.

Tom Kohler-Cadmore in the early days of his career for Yorkshire Vikings in 2017. (Picture: Nigel Roddis/Getty Images)

“Most of it is technique. You want to make sure your hands are in a good position, your head’s in a good position, your feet are in a good position, before you know it actually the skill of catching becomes a lot easier because if your heads in line with the ball you can watch the ball when it moves.

“That’s when you then start catching it clean but if your head’s off it or you’re in a bad position with your body and you’re not close enough to the ball then you start dropping more.

“I respect every wicket keeper out there because I’m actually finding out how hard it is to do well.

Kohler Cadmore’s video is the third in a series to be released by Vertu Motors, Yorkshire County Cricket Club partner, entitled ‘It’s All in the Detail’, which highlight the marginal gains of sport and share exclusive details not always aired to the public.

Yorkshire's Tom Kohler-Cadmore in county cricket action (Picture: SWPix.com)