Bradford City say sorry to the fans

Bradford City and Burton Albion fans, angered by the late postponement of Saturday's game at the Coral Windows Stadium, have received an apology.

Referee Neil Swarbrick called the match off at 1.30pm because the spine of the pitch was frozen.

City issued the following statement: "The football club would like to apologise for such a late decision over the state of the pitch but staff at the Coral Windows Stadium wanted to give the pitch as long as possible to become playable.

"The condition of the pitch improved throughout the day but the referee unfortunately still decided it was too hard to play on and that it was unsafe for both sides.

"No new date has been confirmed as yet."

Swarbrick said: "After being on the pitch for around 45 minutes I couldn't see any improvement in the conditions.

"It is always commonsense to let both managers have a look at the pitch. Unfortunately, Burton got stuck in traffic and only got to the ground at around 1.20pm.

"The pitch was frozen right down the spine. It was completely solid and wouldn't take a stud so it was unsafe for the players."

City manager Peter Taylor agreed with Swarbrick's decision but Burton boss Paul Peshisolido complained: "I couldn't see anything wrong with the pitch. The referee said he had to think of the players' safety but no-one is going to look after their safety more than me. I don't agree that the pitch was frozen."

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