Shax hoping to ‘Rise from the Ashes’ in Harehills wrestling show

Persona Shax
Persona Shax
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AHEAD of their latest ‘Rise from the Ashes’ show at Harehills Working Men’s Club on Saturday evening, the YEP caught up with one of LPW Wrestling’s competitors.

Who are you and what’s your wrestling name?

My name is Beth and I wrestle as my alternative Persona Shax.

How did you get into wrestling?

Actually through the game, my best friend got me playing it and I’m naturally quite an aggressive person to be honest so it was a good way to vent!

How long have you been in the wrestling business?

About four years I’d say, though I’ve had a little bit of time out between that.

Do you enjoy working as a professional wrestler?

I love it, there’s nothing else like it with the crowd’s reaction and the feeling you get as you step out of the curtains.

Who are your opponents?

Lady Lori, Sweet Saraya and Violet O’Hara.

What has been your favourite match and what has been your worst match?

My favourite so far is a toss up between one I had in Sheffield with a wrestler named Caleb Crow and one in Norwich with Violet O’Hara.

Both of these matches we just went out there and fully went for it.

Tough opponents both of them and I respect them both.

What has been the highlight for you so far in the wrestling business?

Probably just generally proving that it’s not all about size, and that us short girls can be just as tough as the rest of them.

Also, people’s reactions when I tell them I’m a wrestler. That’s always a winner.

Have you any final thoughts about the wrestling business and YOUR match?

Just that wrestling at the moment seems to definitely be on the up and I am genuinely looking forward to seeing how far it progresses.

With regards to my match, these are three of the finest women in the business and I cannot wait to be able to prove my worth against them and show them what I’ve got.


Bouts on the card at Harehills tonight:


Ricky Knight Jr vs Alex Young

Sam Knee vs Charlie Windsor

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

The Superflys (Ricky Knight & Jimmy Ocean) vs The UK Hooligans vs Special Edition

Robin Lekime vs Aaron Sharp

LPW Women’s Championship

Lady Lori vs Persona Shax vs Violet O’Hara vs Saraya Knight

LPW Championship

Pricilla vs Bash vs Nathan Cruz vs King Kendo

Line-up subject to change


Saturday night’s event is sponsored by J B Landscapes LTD &

Tickets are priced £7 for adults or £5 for under-12s. A family ticket (two adults and two kids) is £20.

Doors open at 7pm with the bell at 7.30pm.

For tickets call 0113 293 4447 or 07591 759 894.

Or visit LPW’s Facebook page at