European Championships the next target for Fryer

Harry Fryer
Harry Fryer
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Young, Leeds-based, Harry Fryer is well on his way to becoming a top boxer following an incredible six weeks.

The 14-year-old from Bramley capped off a superb run of victories by defeating the Welsh champion with a third round knock-out in the ‘Best in Britain’ Championships last weekend.

The competition was the first time that Harry had represented England and he will be hoping to do so again later on this year.

Following a tough season, Harry now faces a wait to find out whether he will be picked to represent his country in the European Championships which take place in November.

His dad, Robert Fryer, said that after an impressive season, he fully expects Harry to get the call-up to represent England once more.

All of this comes at the end of an incredible six-week period in which he won the Schoolboys’ Championships, the Nationals and the Hull Box Cup.

When asked just how far he thinks his son can go, Fryer said: “Everybody at the gym says he’s going to be special... He is unbeatable in his age bracket.

“In 30 fights he has only lost three and each time he’s rematched them and beaten them.”

However, winning fight after fight does have it’s drawbacks.

“He’s struggling to find bouts at the moment because nobody wants to box him because he’s just beating everybody,” said Fryer.

According to his dad, Harry has earned every bit of his success due to the hard work he has put in since day one.

He said: “He’s very dedicated. He trains three nights a week at the Tigers Gym in Leeds but he also trains at home.

“He deserves it because he’s stuck at it.

“I can’t have a night off because he’s always dragging me to the gym.”

He also says that Harry is mature beyond his years and capable of beating boxers much older than himself.

He added: “He’s had to compete against the year above his and he’s still beating everybody.

“When he’s down at the gym he can go up against anyone. He’s getting in the ring with 25-year-olds and just blowing them away.”

Harry took up boxing at a young age, his dad being the main reason for his interest in the sport.

“He started when he was about five,” he said. “Harry was always good at sparring but I noticed he had a talent when he was about six.

“I’ve always been interested in boxing so I think it’s come from there, really.”