Boxing: Warrington’s fans are a key element – Hearn

Boxer Josh Warrington's very own 'barmy army'.
Boxer Josh Warrington's very own 'barmy army'.
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PROMOTER Eddie Hearn has defended the pandemonium that sits alongside Josh Warrington fighting at First Direct Arena.

Hearn, 35, group managing director of Matchroom Sport and Matchroom Boxing, said: “People moan and say ‘they are football fans, not boxing fans but there aren’t enough boxing fans.

“So we have to bring in people who probably do have a season ticket at Elland Road. We have to embrace it, not turn it away.

“Hardcore boxing fans go ‘what was that when you played 10 minutes of music? What was that all about?’ I say well, it’s people enjoying themselves.

“People are jumping up and down, they’re singing, they’re having a drink. It’s a night out. There’s people with their shirts off, it means something. There were a few beers flying around but it’s not hostile. It doesn’t feel horrible. It’s passion.

“When you turn on the TV and watch what’s going on in that arena you sit there and go ‘that’s mental.’

“You think ‘what are they doing? They’re nuts. I want to go to this next time.’ The crowd were great and I can’t wait to come back.”