Rob Marsden: We’ve gone from our best to our worst in just a week

Rob Marsden.
Rob Marsden.
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Well that was a hugely frustrating night wasn’t it? I can’t even say how we went from the highest highs of beating the Newcastle Eagles to losing so badly – 101-83 – at home to the Bristol Flyers.

It was one of the worst performances, I think, all season for us.

Jermaine Sanders.

Jermaine Sanders.

Defensively we were so poor, it’s like we have taken 15 steps backwards.

We thought we were heading in the right direction having beaten Newcastle and played quite well, I thought, down in Plymouth despite not getting the win.

But obviously not, we were so disconnected it was unreal. We didn’t know where each other was on the court.

We were knocking into each other and going for the same ball at times. That wasn’t anything like we can or should be playing. The decision making was poor defensively.

Head coach Matt Newby.

Head coach Matt Newby.

Offensively we weren’t great but defending our own basket was just not good enough.

Maybe we have over complicated things in training. Maybe we need to bring it back to basics and get back to making sure every man is marked.

There were times there would be two or three of us going after the same player and that gives them open players which gives them open shots.

I can’t quite say why we have dipped so much from the week before, we really wanted to push on from that famous win.

Coach Matt Newby talks a lot about maturity in the side and being mature on the court with how we play. Maybe the roster doesn’t have the experience on the floor yet.

With that inexperience maybe we didn’t respect Bristol enough. They have a strong roster, some big players and some talented players.

If you don’t respect a team and come in relaxed and maybe over confident you can get caught out and we certainly were.

Do I think they are an amazing side that have so much more skill then us? No I don’t. We shot 65 per cent from the field so that made it easier for them.

We made it easier for them defensively with the holes we had back which meant they could make easy shots.

Basketball is a team sport and I feel for the likes of Jermaine (Sanders) who shot 30 points in the game and we didn’t back him up with the same kinds of points or stopped them coming back at us.

I thought my game was okay, maybe I could have been more aggressive towards the rim, pick up some fouls.

But again, I keep going back to it, defensively I didn’t feel like I was on the same page as the rest of the team. Maybe it was my fault, I don’t really know. We have been working on fixing this in training as we need to be able to defend better when we head up to Newcastle on Friday.

They are going to be up for this even more than normal after we turned them over. We should have been going there with some real confidence.

When a mid-table team puts 100 past you on your own patch it’s a worry what one of the best teams can do to you on their own patch.

We have a level series with them so it comes down to this game on Friday. They hit a little dip but are back on their game.

So we need to tighten up our defence and make sure we all are on the same page if we are to get something up there.

The travelling support has been great this season, we will need that support in Newcastle if we are to cause another shock.