Leeds Force: Disappointing result reinforces the play-to-the-buzzer doctrine

Rob Marsden
Rob Marsden
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Arrggghhhhh that was disappointing. Level with the Glasgow Rocks with two minutes left to play, at home too and to go on to lose.

I think that is one that definitely got away.

We were good on Friday night and think we should have come away with the points.

We were confident going into the game, and I think that confidence was warranted with how we played.

There was no fear going into it. Don’t get me wrong, they are a top-four side in my opinion, but we knew we could match them – and we certainly did.

The lead changed hands something like 12 times in the second half.

It was that close. One minute we think we are going to pull away, the next they do. It was just too tight to call.

Why didn’t we close it out? I’m not sure is the honest answer; we haven’t been in those situations that many times before.

They are an experienced side with a lot of depth. Maybe they were fresher than us as they could rotate more.

Maybe they are used to having to go hard right until the final buzzer – and that’s where they got us, in those final minutes.

It shows we can mix it with teams like Glasgow.

We are young bunch, and most players are playing in their first season in the BBL so it can be hard.

On that performance, and others in the season, we can show how far we have come in the little time we have been together on the court.

My performance on the night wasn’t the best again, wich is frustrating for me.

I can’t say it’s a particular thing either.

I was in the game but didn’t seem to be able to make an impact in it. I seem to struggle against them for some reason.

They have big players in their team so it makes it difficult to get to the basket.

I’m tall but next to Kieron Achara I’m not.

The coach thinks I need to be a bit more aggressive in key areas of the court.

I can see what he’s saying and agree with him.

We have a little break coming up now as we don’t play for another week. For me it comes at a good point in the season. I can concentrate on getting fully fit. I can take a day or two just to rest up and make sure I’m where I need to be.

We will still be working hard in training.

Ok, we couldn’t see it through with Glasgow but we will be looking to do it against the Newcastle Eagles and the Worcester Wolves.

There will be time to work on some new plays, mix things up a bit so we can surprise teams when we come up against them.

We only have three more games at home before the new year.

So if you can get down and support us then do so. We will put a show on for you.

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