Arsenal v Leeds United: Your 1972 FA Cup final memories

Send us your memories of Leeds United's 1972 FA Cup final win against Arsenal.

Were you at the game to see Allan 'Sniffer' Clarke head home the winner? Click here to email us your memories of the occasion.



Being a 10 year old at the time and at a school in North London full of Arsenal fans, it was one of the most nerve-racking days of my life.

Even when Sniffer scored, I was still frozen with worry as there were still 37 minutes remaining.

I cannot think of a better headed goal in the history of FA Cup Finals.

If Messi scored a goal like that today, it would be shown on SKY every 10 minutes for the rest of our lives.

Peter Collins, London.


As a director of a small town club, my uncle was always allotted one cup final ticket by the FA. He was never interested but gave me the ticket for the 1970, 72' and 73' finals. As a 14 year old, I was given the afternoon of school for the 1970 replay and found myself in the Stretford (Chelsea end) I defiantly wore my LUFC scarf despite the intimidation but longed to be at the other end.

Two years later and my ticket found me in the tunnel end at Wembley, and very close to the 'Norman bites yer legs" banner - the atmosphere was amazing, and when the final whistle went the noise was deafening - the pressure and tension built up from the 'lost' triple of two years earlier finally let out.

I'll be at the Emirates on saturday and I want the spirit of BB to be shouting from the back when.....0-0....53 minutes in, and............

Jamie Bowden


It was my first ever Live FA Cup final!

I managed to win a ticket through my local football club where I lived then in Surrey. When I got the ticket I found it was in the "Arsenal End" so a bit disappointed but I did have a ticket!

I met my Granddad at the ground who had travelled down from Yorkshire as he also had tickets as he was an ex Leeds United scout. He helped me under his close supervision swop the ticket for one at the Leeds end (just above the players entrance) and I was in.

What a blast, what a match I felt the crowd was just 1 moving mass of people pouring up and down the terraces in time with the action. Then Sniffers goal!

And the end euphoria we had won at last! Liverpool and Chelsea finals a dim and distant memory. We had won and I was there!!

All I had to do was to proudly find my way back through London and home! What a day (was I really 15 seems like yesterday now!)

Andy Crawford


I can remember watching it with ruptured ankle ligaments when i was 11 years old, got the same ankle injured again. Here's hoping for the same outcome!

Christine Smith


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