Environment Agency deserve credit for their work on the River Nidd

The Environment Agency are working together with anglers on the River Nidd.

Earlier in the year I made no bones that the use of contractors by the Environment Agency in its attempts at flood defence was a disaster and the uncaring demolition of trees and bank side cover not only destroyed habitat for fish but nesting birds and all dependant wildlife.

Months later a phone call from the EA’s area boss Dave Morley came as a welcome surprise and his invite to myself, Leeds Fisheries Liaison Officer Dave Ruston and venue expert Neil Crozier was accepted with open arms.

The site meeting took place on the River Nidd downstream of Hammerton Mill and the promise made that the Agency would be undertaking all future work tree cutting sympathetically and with anglers concerns a priority, after hearing contractors promises in the past, to say I was sceptical would be an understatement.

The work is now finished and after talks with Dave Rushton to follow progress, I have to hold my hands up to say they have done everything they said and more, even clearing new stands for anglers that had been lost for years.

We are often quick to complain, but when a job is well done I think we should give credit to those responsible and if the Environment Agency and anglers can achieve this result on the Nidd then maybe similar problems around the country could be resolved.

John Cyrowski fishing under the Barlby Village Stores banner has over the years become best known on the Yorkshire river circuit for his “win-win” attitude to almost any peg that he draws from the hat.

His super positive approach paid dividends recently enabling him to complete a rare festive double that showed his skills on both big fish and then the smaller samples needed to secure victories.

Starting on the York DAA Christmas Cheer held on the River Ouse around Fulford and Bishopthorpe Palace and drawn below the A64 road bridge, his famous feeder fished chopped worm and caster combination with double dendra piece hookbaits proved too good for the rest, as five big bream couldn’t resist temptation and his weight of 18-05 made it look easy as it more than doubled that needed to take runner up spot.

Days later and moving miles upstream to the Ouse and Ure split around Hunters Lodge, anglers competing in the Leeds DASA Fur and Feather were welcomed by a river at perfect level but a strange colour due to snow coming through the Northallerton becks.

Undeterred he again pulled out all the stops being able to put just a few extra of the quality roach available in his net to take his second big win.

All of his fish were again taken on the feeder fished mid river, though much scaled down tactics with pinkies and mushed worm being better for the smaller stomachs and mouths than his trade mark bream and barbel tactics.

With both associations providing bumper cash payouts and extra prizes of the usual turkey, duck and legs of pork, Christmas gifts and dinner in the Cyrowski household has been more than taken care of this year.



York Christmas Cheer Ouse at Fulford: 1, J Cyrowski 18-05; 2, M Potter 8-10; 3, T Harrison 3-15; 4, C Burton 3-09; 5, S Edson 3-05.

Leeds Fur & Feather Hunters/Linton: 1, J Cyrowski 4-06; 2, C Turbitt 3-08; 3, G Brown 2-09; 4, A Miller 2-08; 5, D White 2-06.

Leeds DASA Midweek Linton on Ouse: 1, D Armitage 6-14; 2, D Miles 5-14; 3, M High 5-02; D White 4-11.

Mirfield Calder Woodnook: 1, J Lomax Manchester 6-10; 2, S Newns KL Tackle 6-05; 3, D Grace Pontefract 6-04; 4, N Hirst Mirfield 4-04; 5, K Hobson Barnsley 4-03.

Mirfield AA Altofts: 1, M Wood 10-04; 2, N Hirst 8-00; 3, D Armitage 6-02; 4, N Chaffier 5-11.

Moor Monkton Pools Rover: 1, G Watson 22-13; 2, A Bull 12-07; 3, S Jeffreys 6-12.

Moor Monkton Pools Midweek Rover: 1, D Wright 66-15; 2, L Smith 40-05; 3, A Gallant 29-15; 4, A Bull 23-10.

Kippax Park Midweek: 1, N Rymer 60-12; 2, S Pearson 54-13; 3, A Rymer 52-11; 4, B Rymer 49-12.

KP Lapwing Saturday Series: 1, R Cook 35-11; 2, M Dukes 31-14; 3, J Wake 31-05; 4, A Rymer 30-02.

Kippax Park Tuesday Open: 1, A Rymer 68-07; 2, N Rymer 54-11; 3, B Brown 39-13.

Kippax Park Lapwing: 1, Bill Brown 35-04; 2, Luca Wilshaw 34-02; 3, Andy Barker 33-02.

JT Rodgers Lindholme Bonsai: 1, A Jackson 18-14; 2, A Brooks 16-05; 3, I Jordan 9-07.

JT Rodgers Lindholme Willows: 1, D Shaw 31-07; 2, S Phelan 28-03; 3, A Jackson 22-08.

Steve Jackson Memorial Brafferton: 1, A Jackson 63-03; 2, R Richardson 54-06; 3, A Conboy 48-09.

Fryston Winter League (Viking Deer): 1, R Evans 16-5; 2, W Mountain 13-0; 3, G Vause 12-9.

Match Diary


Kippax Park: Saturday Open, Lapwing or Osprey 07967000746.

Poppleton: Saturday Open, pools £15, draw cafe 10am, contact Roger 01904737279.

Birkwood Farm Fisheries: Emily’s or Oscars draw takes place at 8.30, contact 01924 892251.

Woodlands: 72 Pegs, tickets £18, contact 01845 520110.

Oaks at Sessay: 50 Pegs, tickets £17, contact 01845 501321.

Langwith Lakes: 60 Pegs, tickets £16, contact 01904 431874.

Moorfields Farm: 54 Pegs, tickets £16, contact 07710817150.

Fleets Dam: 50 Pegs, tickets £15, contact 01226 292579.

Birkwood Farm: 60 Pegs, tickets £16, contact 01132 80609.

Viking, Hawk Pond: 30 Pegs, tickets £16, contact 01405 860764.

Tollerton Ponds: Open Match all ages, (Kingfisher 20 pegs, Coot 18 pegs, Heron 32 pegs) 
For more information, please contact 01347 838115.

Anglers World Winter Series: River Ouse/Ure, for more information please contact Stan Haigh 07542700743 or Dave Miles 0786768047.


Leeds & Liverpool: Kirkstall contact Roger Movley 01132 772215.

Listerhills, Leeds & Liverpool Canal: For more information, contact Eddie Harrison 07518721051.

Woodlands: 72 Pegs, tickets £18, contact 01845 520110.

Oaks at Sessay: 50 Pegs, tickets £17, contact 01845 501321.

Langwith Lakes: 60 Pegs, tickets £16, contact 01904 431874.

Oak Tree Leisure: 50 Pegs, tickets £15, contact 01347 810686.

Poppleton: Sunday Open, 50 Pegs, draw takes place at 11am Cafe, contact 07425 146677.


Woodlands over 50’s: 30 Pegs, tickets £15, contact 01845 520110.

Langwith Lakes over 60’s: 30 Pegs, tickets £10, contact 01904 431874

Tollerton Ponds over 50’s: tickets £16 contact 01347 838115.


Kippax Park: Over 50’s Draw takes place at 10am, tickets £10, contact 07967000746.


Leeds & District: Moor Monkton Pools, Draw takes place at 10am, contact 07967000746.

Birkwood Farm Fisheries: Emily’s or Oscars draw takes place at 8.30, contact 01924 892251.

Woodlands: 72 Pegs, tickets £18, contact 01845 520110.

Fleets Dam: 50 Pegs, tickets £15, contact 01226 292579.

Tollerton Ponds: Open match, all ages, contact 01347 838115.


Poppleton Lakes: Thursday evening, draw car park 5pm, pools £11, for more information, please contact Roger 01904 737279.

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