Angling stock executor hits out at ‘insulting’ allegations

Angler Alan Scotthorne.
Angler Alan Scotthorne.
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readers may recall that a couple of weeks ago I wrote about one of the late David Winters’ last requests.

The gist of the article was that after his death he wished to leave his collection of fishing tackle for the benefit of junior anglers, to be given as individual prizes or sold, with the proceeds to be given to fund junior events.

And he entrusted me to oversee any such proceedings.

His gear – and there was a considerable amount of it – had to be collected from David’s Boston Spa home and, not having access to any transport, I approached Leeds official Steve Fearnley for his help.

In due course, one Sunday in late December enough fishing tackle to almost fill a transit van was collected and deposited safely in the storeroom at the Leeds Anglers Club.

Of course we had to get permission to do this so word soon got around and Steve also put it on the internet, so almost immediately the enquiries started.

The response was very good with most people offering congratulations for our efforts.

Unfortunately I could not mention what was happening in this column as over the Christmas period there was a two week break.

Lots of David’s old friends made contact wanting to have some sort of memento to remember him by.

Much of it was disposed of quickly, some of it to an old friend who lives in Bathampton – a team that David fished for when he lived in Bristol a few years ago.

Things seemed to be going quite well until I was informed that a few comments had been made on the social networking sites Twitter and Facebook – and they were not very complimentary.

In fact some were actually insulting. Apparently, they went along the lines that we had kept the best stuff for ourselves or had informed our friends so that they could get a bargain at knock-down prices, and also that we had kept quiet and should have informed the general public much sooner.

The old saying “you cannot do right for doing wrong” immediately came to mind.

Of course, strict accounts have been kept of all transactions with receipts given to all purchases and if anyone is interested these can be seen at the club office.

These criticisms are completely unfounded as the majority of the gear has gone to people who knew David for many years.

Before the sale of David’s tackle we estimated that £2,000 would be a good sum to raise.

And we are not too far off that target with just a few items left to sell.

But there is, of course, the question of what to do with the cash.

Initially I was going to donate it to the Leeds Junior but this section has now, unfortunately, disbanded.

So my alternative thought was to donate it to the National Fishing Month, due to be held at Kippax Park in the summer.

I thought of inviting some ex-World Champions along in a coaching capacity and the likes of Bob Nudd, Tommy Pickering and Alan Scotthorne come to mind.

Of course, these lads are professionals and command a considerable fee.

If anyone else has got any ideas of how to dispose of the cash just give me a call on 0113 264 5500 or write to me c/o the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Top rod Darren Starkey with a 3-02 perch from the bungalows section on the River Ouse. PIC: Steve Fearnley

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