Angling: Places at Fisheries Forum up for grabs

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I have just received the latest newsletter from the Environment Agency which brought me up to date on their recent work.

The first item, which is well worth a mention, is the announcement of the latest Yorkshire Fisheries Forum which will be held at the Phoenix Sports & Social Club in Rotherham on Wednesday, December 3 and will commence at 6.30pm.

Subjects under discussion at the meeting will be a presentation about the Environment Agency’s work in investigating pollution incidents, fisheries enforcement and changes to the rod licence.

Seating is limited so to reserve a place please contact John Cheyne at his office on 01905 759557 or on his mobile which is 07794 234546.

Representatives from the Angling Trust will also be present at the meeting to reply to any queries.

Pollution control remains a major concern and in 2014 there have been several incidents on the River Don which have been mainly from the feeder streams which have been contaminated by water run-off that has been used to fight fires as well as oil pollution.

Any such incidents must be reported to the hotline on 0800 807060 from where officers will be sent to investigate.

Any evidence which proves that a criminal offence has taken place will be used to take the offenders to court.

Work is being carried out at the moment to trim down trees and bushes to reduce the risk of flooding across the whole of Yorkshire.

Electro fishing surveys have been carried out on the River Wharfe to map the distribution of salmon parr and to stabilise the impact of barriers (weirs) along the river.

Parr were found as far upstream as Otley but more were found upstream of the weir.

Following many requests from anglers, more fishing platforms have been constructed on the River Derwent at Barmby and these were paid for from an improvement grant.

In October, quagla mussels were found at some venues in the South of England and all anglers are reminded that it is vitally important to check and dry out all your gear such as hats, boots and clothing after every angling session to prevent the spread of any invasive species.

In the period July to September 2014 enforcement officers approached 2,500 anglers at the waterside and consequently 154 were reported for various offences.

And in the same period there were 78 illegal fishing reports.

Two anglers were found fishing without a licence and they were taken to court and both were fined £350 plus £170 costs, and a further £20 for victim surcharge.

There is also an intensive fish stocking programme for 2015, and 2,250 small barbel will be placed into the River Dearne and a further 1,000 into the River Aire.

At Newlay, part of the weir is being removed to improve the fish passage.

All of the barbel have been reared at the authority’s fish farm at Calverton.

Top rod Darren Starkey with a 3-02 perch from the bungalows section on the River Ouse. PIC: Steve Fearnley

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