Angling: Generous angler leaves kit legacy for benefit of juniors

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IT was about a year ago when I had a telephone call from David Winter, an old team and club-mate from the Compton Arms days.

Although I had not seen him for some time I used to bump into him occasionally when I fished the Woodlands contests and we always had a good chat about the old days.

This call was much more serious however as he gave me the sad news that he had been diagnosed with the deadly asbestos-related lung disease and he had been given only a few months to live.

We had a long chat about this as I too suffer from a similar condition, but thankfully not as serious as David’s.

I will always remember him as a very meticulous person with everything kept in order and he was the same with his fishing gear, which brings us to the reason for his call.

After his death, David said he wanted all of his gear to be put to good use and he wanted my help to dispose of it.

What he wanted to do was donate it to junior anglers, either giving them it to use or by selling it and using the proceeds to promote the juniors.

His aim was to catalogue all of his gear to give him some sort of idea of its value and when he had done this he would give me a call to have it collected from his home in Boston Spa.

But this never happened. It was in early August that his wife Christine told me that he had passed away peacefully in St Gemma’s Hospice aged just 69.

She knew of the arrangement between David and myself and left it to me to make plans to collect the gear, although she did warn me that there was quite a lot of stuff and it would need a large van to remove it.

She also said she was sorry but David never did get around to compiling that list.

I got in touch with Leeds official Steve Fearnley and explained the situation to him and he got in contact with another friend who did actually live in Boson Spa and had a van we could use.

So, one Sunday morning just after Christmas we finally arrived and found that the garage was chock-a-block with all sorts of gear. It took the two fit lads over an hour to load it into the van. The first time I saw all the gear was when the van was unloaded and the amount was amazing.

There were 15 rods, a couple of poles, four seat boxes, reels, nets and clothing.

There was also an electric fishing trolley which I have put up for sale in the fishing magazines at around £300.

Two of the seat boxes are Little Gems (I paid £60 for a second-hand one last year) but the best box is a Trabucco which was the one David used when he last went fishing; it is full of everything an angler needs – reels, hooks lines, catapults etc.

We reckoned that the packets of hooks alone were worth over £200 so whoever gets that will get a real bargain.

Steve Fearnley is making a list of the gear and has put it on the club’s website which is

He can also be contacted at the general office every Monday evening from 8-9pm or by calling 0113 248 2373.

Top rod Darren Starkey with a 3-02 perch from the bungalows section on the River Ouse. PIC: Steve Fearnley

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