Angling: Established carp fishery is given all-new moniker

Kevin Whincup.
Kevin Whincup.
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REMEMBER the other week I told you the surprise news that the Leeds club had quickly snapped up the Carpvale complex at Moor Monkton near York when the owner Kevin Whincup enquired if they were interested in the property?

This was an opportunity that they could not turn down, an opportunity to take over this prime piece of fishing at a very reasonable price.

All of this took place very quickly – just a matter of a few days – and a lot of discussions had to be made at short notice.

One of the first was that Kevin had already taken match bookings for 2015 and 2016 and he received deposits for them but not to worry for these bookings will be honoured.

I attended a very lengthy club delegates’ meeting recently where the main topic on the agenda was the new fishery.

Of course some decisions had already been made, rightly or wrongly, by the club officials and obviously not all of them met with the approval of the club members’ delegates.

Of course, the place is in its infancy and there are certain to be teething troubles, but in the interim period from now to the annual general meeting in November all of these can be thrashed out.

One of the main queries was over the sale of day permits for a lot of those present wanted it to be members only for pleasure fishing and the rules that have been set down for the current season are as follows:

There will be an annual permit issued along with the yearly membership at a cost of £10 and this will allow unlimited access for non-match fishing.

All members who wish to fish the venue will have to buy one, even life members and complementary book holders. As I mentioned previously there has to be a name change to the venue for the Carpvale name is registered to Kevin Whincup for his other businesses such as the fish farm and the Carpvale Doubles complex on the Hull Road.

So, to avoid any confusion, the Leeds venue will, in future, be known as Moor Monkton Pools.

The proposed new pricing structure will be as follows:

Non-member clubs can book the water for £6 per peg. Member clubs £4 per peg. For pleasure fishing it is £6 a day for non members and £4 for members who do not have a permit.

There is one ban, which will cover all three lakes at all times in that there will be no floating baits allowed.

At all times one lake shall be free from match fishing for the use of the pleasure anglers.

Of course, at this meeting many things were discussed and a lot of people did not agree with the sale of day permits and that it should be full members only. Another decision was that the entry gate should be locked at all times and members issued with a key.

The question of how to police the water was also raised.

Plenty to think about, but hopefully come November it will all have been sorted.

My only reservation, I just wish it was 20 miles nearer to Leeds!