Angling: Anglers ready to spring into action at newly stocked lake

Andy Gallant
Andy Gallant
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carpvale owner Kevin Whincup has made two lakes available – Cyprio and Match – for the forthcoming annual Spring Series.

I had quite a long chat with Kevin recently and he told me that he has once again secured sponsorship from the Bobco fishing tackle company for the series.

Cyprio has been re-stocked recently with thousands of fish which he purchased from the owner of the Gascoigne Wood fishery at Barkstone Ash which has now closed down permanently.

Entry to the series is £10. Simply contact Kevin on 01904 738249 if you’re interested in giving it a go.

There is a new rule this year – no floating baits.

The series kicks off on Sunday, March 16 and will run until June 15.

Kevin also tells me that one of his other fisheries – Carpvale Doubles, which is heavily stocked with only big fish – opened its doors on March 1.

All pegs have to be pre-booked at the number given above.

Meanwhile, I feel I need to impart just a few more thoughts in support of my recent article about the lack of funding for angling.

I just cannot understand why Sport England are so keen to throw money at some highly selective sports that very few have access to – namely some of the events in the Winter Olympics such as curling or what I believe is called the skeleton.

Remember the scenes when a group of Scottish ladies went crazy after finishing third in their curling event, so what?

There’s an old saying “You Get Nowt For Being Second”; people only remember winners.

Just how many thousands of pounds were spent to win just a bronze medal.

When was the last time you asked your children or grandchildren what they were going to do, and you got the reply: “We are going curling or going to an icy slope to try skeleton.”

Elitist/minority sports by their nature only take place in a certain part of the country and then enjoyed by a small number of participants.

Contrast that with angling which has millions of followers who would like comparable funding.

One reason that I have heard is that there is no support for our sport because it is not an Olympic event.

Again, so what?

It really does annoy me that our major sporting body continually refuses to reward our regular medal winners and instead leaves them to go around with the begging bowl every year to find some sponsors.

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