Angling: Agency takes stock in Batley and Dewsbury

Jim Bannon and Jerry Wilson
Jim Bannon and Jerry Wilson
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It must have been a busy time for the employees of the Environment Agency in recent weeks especially those in the southern section of England following the recent floods.

Here in the north we get our share of them every year but not on such a large scale.

But you can guarantee that the riverside properties and pubs in York will suffer on a yearly basis.

Despite all that, the local branch of the EA have been hard at work.

I recently received their latest newsletter – and it is packed with information concerning their recent work.

There is a lake in Batley which is located in a local beauty spot called Wilton Park. Angling is banned there, but the lake is absolutely stuffed with roach.

After a survey the EA decided to net the place and hundreds of pounds of the captured fish were then transferred to a couple of local venues at Longbottoms Dam and the Dewsbury Canal to the benefit of local anglers.

They have also stocked a newly constructed lake at Heckmondwike with a variety of fish such as roach, tench, bream and crucian carp.

This lake will be used mainly for beginners to the sport where they will be given tuition and coaching from members of the local Dewsbury club, all of which will commence in the summer.

Meanwhile, you may recall that last year there was a problem at the hugely popular Yeadon Tarn because of considerable algae growth.

But there is excellent advice available on how to solve the problem.

Spring is the best time to apply loosely baled barley straw to control the growth. When the straw begins to rot down the chemicals which are produced then break down in the sunlight to form hydrogen peroxide which then slows down the growth of the algae.

Deploying the straw in the spring when the temperatures are low gives it plenty of time to rot before the algae begins to grow.

The straw will then become active within a month and should become effective for a further six months.

You can gain still more information on this subject by contacting the National Customer Content Centre on 03708 506506.

I recently received the sad news of the death of Bradford’s Jim Bannon a good friend of mine for many years. He was only 67 and had been diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago.

A lorry driver by trade, he lost the use of his legs some 30 years ago and he had been wheelchair-bound ever since.

He was a lovely man, always cheerful and cracking jokes and he worked tirelessly with and for the disabled and elderly anglers.

Around the time when he became disabled, Jim met up with fellow disabled angler Jerry Wilson from Leeds at a contest at Yeadon Tarn. The pair formed an alliance which lasted until his untimely death. Between them they ran angling contests for disabled anglers all over the country and they became adept at gaining sponsorship for these events – and the prize cost for the ‘big one’ at the Tarn every year was enormous. Jim will be sadly missed.

His funeral will be held on Friday, February 28 at St Francis Church, Eccleshill, Bradford at 1pm.

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