Anglers are urged to have their say online

It is now the closed season for brown trout fishing.
It is now the closed season for brown trout fishing.
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THE Angling Trust are forever coming out with new ideas in an attempt to boost our sport.

Since its formation in 2009 they have ploughed both time and considerable funding into numerous campaigns.

And the latest is by launching a new project in which members are invited to have their say on what they think should be the next – potentially contentious – issue.

An online questionnaire has been launched with members and even non-members being canvassed for their opinions on a range of topics. The feedback will then be analysed before it is used to help create an action plan for the year ahead.

Chief executive of the Trust, Mark Lloyd, is at the forefront of the investigation, and he said: “It has been five years since we were launched and we believe that this is the ideal time to take stock of things and see how we are performing.

“We want to know what matters to anglers and then take appropriate action to see that these issues are addressed.”

Two years ago the National Angling Survey was run in conjunction with the Environment Agency and around 30,000 people gave their views and concerns, and Mr Lloyd is confident that the latest move will be a similar success story.

He added that back then poaching, predation and pollution were the highest issues and the Trust has worked extremely hard to improve those situations.

He now wants to reassess what matters to anglers and will guarantee that their feedback will not be ignored, but will play an important part in planning for the future.

To have your say just visit

Personally, I think that little has changed over the last five years and we still have the same problems, and at the forefront of the anticipated reports are sure to be predation, poaching and pollution (and possibly angling education, not only for children but all ages).

Those of you with long memories will recall the story about the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds calling for a cull on a species of bird called the Ruddy Duck because they were inter-breeding with the Spanish White Headed Duck thereby producing a hybrid species.

To me this is purely a Spanish problem but the EU ordered a cull and the costs of this project have been released by DEFRA (Department for Rural Affairs) – and it cost over a million pounds. Why should the money come from our taxes? I liked the response from the Taxpayers Alliance spokesman John O’Connel: “The result is just quackers.”

A couple of notes for your diary. Leeds members are reminded that the delegates meeting scheduled for October 30 has changed to October 23 due to the annual prize presentation taking place on the original date.

Also it is now the closed season for fishing for brown trout. It opens again on March 24.

Top rod Darren Starkey with a 3-02 perch from the bungalows section on the River Ouse. PIC: Steve Fearnley

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