Angling: Seal-struck fishery fails to reel in Environment Agency support

River Swale regulars' hopes of help in restoring fish stocks on the seal-ravaged fishery at Topcliffe were dealt a massive blow last week as the Environment Agency refused to back calls for restocking.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 06:00 am
CHUB CHECKERS: Leeds members Paul Gallagher and Tony Hewson release hundreds of chublets at Aldwark Bridge. But will there be a twist with a few making the short swim to Topcliffe?

I found the decision hard to believe and was soon on the phone to Leeds and District’s fishery liaison officer, Dave Ruston, who was present at the meeting and in response wrote: “The Environment Agency advised that the devastation caused by the seal did not fall into their criteria for restocking and cited two main reasons.

“Firstly, they don’t restock due to predation and they didn’t want to set a precedent at Topcliffe.

“However, in my opinion, a lone, lost seal some 50 miles inland, living in a weir pool for three months, on one of the most popular barbel stretches in the North of England is hardly natural predation.

“It is a very different and one-off scenario compared to the daily predation by the ubiquitous cormorant or the ever-increasing otter population. They had also visited the venue and seen barbel and chub over the Topcliffe Bridge.

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“Yes, fish are still present. We are not claiming the area has been wiped out completely. Anecdotal evidence shows a few isolated good catches of barbel and chub but catches across the board have been affected significantly.

“I spoke to one Topcliffe regular and he told me that this time last year he’d caught 63 barbel from the stretch. This year’s tally was 22. Even taking the low river levels and hot weather into account, that is a massive reduction in catch rate.

“Secondly, the EA provided statistics showing the Swale at Maunby had shown good natural recruitment of barbel, chub and dace fry, and this is indeed great news. Unfortunately, the five clubs that have fishing rights at Topcliffe and Asenby with a combined total of 5,000 members, were looking to the EA to respond with something to improve the situation now, not in 2033. Even for the sake of a gesture of few hundred 6” fish, I fear the Environment Agency may have done themselves no favours at all with the angling community.”

Personally, I don’t think the reasons add up. It’s only months ago the Environment Agency gave other parts of the same river system as the Swale a massive boost with juvenile fish supplied from its Calverton facility. I witnessed all the stockings, with the first on the Ure at Aldwark Bridge where over 1,000 pristine chub and barbel were released, soon followed with similar numbers into the River Nidd at Hammerton Mill, which, incidentally, are already providing sport for visiting rods.

The general consensus among anglers was that these stockings were made as a result of cormorants, goosander and otters.

The EA is, therefore, has not made a precedent for Topcliffe as it has already been set; there seems no logical reason for them not to change their minds.


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JT Rodgers Summer Series, Final Standings: 1, A Jackson 143pts; 2, D Shaw 138pts; 3, D Watson 135pts; 4, S Phelan 119pts.

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