Unseen photos from inside Leeds nightclubs in the 1990s

Today we ask which Leeds nightclubs are featured in these unseen photos from the city's nightscene in the 1990s?

Sunday, 15th December 2019, 6:00 am
Do you know which Leeds nightclubs these photos were taken in?

All we are sure about is that they were taken on one night by our photographer back in early December 1991 which is why Christmas decorations are featured in some of the snaps. They reveal a time of shell suits, dodgy haircuts and now-dated music decks. READ MORE: 20 long-gone Leeds nightclubs we haven't forgotten | Go inside Oceana - the Leeds nightclub from the 2000s which boasted a boudoir and ski lodge | 15 photos to take you back to Leeds in 1992

These ladies are keen to be spotted - but which nightclub was it taken in?
Big fish, little fish, cardboard box?

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Check out the cool baseball cap.
This reveller pouts for the camera as jeans dominated fashion.
Did you have a shellsuit like this?
She must have been warm in that shellsuit.
Do you recognise this Leeds nightclub?
Are you surprised she's not dancing around her handbag?
What do you think of these dancefloor fashions?
These Leeds clubbers are lost in a world of their own.
What song was the DJ playing on the decks?
Notice the DJ has a suit on. Suave.
Do you know which nightclub this photo was taken in?
Hands in the air and smile everyone.
Yes, we have spotted the sign as well. Were you a regular at The Warehouse?
This hi-fi system and decks were state of the art at the time. But in which Leeds nightclub was this photo taken?
Do you recognise anyone?
Some revellers have a shirt and tie on and even a Santa hat. But which nightclub was this photo taken in?
Big perms and jackets with shoulder pads.
Is that a bouncer on the far right?
Early 1990s fashions on show in this photo. But in which nightclub was it taken?
Have you been able to identify the Leeds nightclubs in which these photos were taken? Email your thoughts and memories to Andrew Hutchinson via email at: [email protected] or tweet him @AndyHutchYPN