Schofields: Fond memories of department store ... where shopping was ‘a real treat’

JANUARY 1976: ''Part of a long queue for the sale at Schofields store in The Headrow, Leeds.
JANUARY 1976: ''Part of a long queue for the sale at Schofields store in The Headrow, Leeds.
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What are your memories of former Leeds department store Schofields?

The question is proving a popular talking point on the Leeds Back In The Day Facebook page.

Memories include:

Christine Newbould: Come back Schofields.

Angie Corcoran: The best shop in Leeds. There hasn’t been one as good since. Looking forward to John Lewis in the new Eastgate quarter.

Wendy Lowry: A good John Lewis is lovely, but, nothing like Schofields.

Shirley Crick: Loved that store.

Terry Baldwinson: I agree with Christine, Angie and Wendy. It was a splendid place.

Josie Broughton: I was one year old I probably met Santa here!

Francine Aldred: Fantastic store, I met Santa there too!

Helen Duncan: Miss Schofields. Leeds is just not the same with all the new “trendy” soulless shops.

Jane Ray: Schofields! Bring back it back along with Lewis’s.

Josephine Green: Every time I smell coffee it reminds me of walking in to Schofields. Wish C&A would open a store here, they have them over in Europe.

Mark Haley: I used to love looking around Schofields

Jan Johnson: I met Lulu in the ladies’ loos at Schofields. Must have been some time in the early seventies.

Howard Merritt: Brillant place to work.

Janice Burnley: I got my wedding dress at Schofield’s in 1967 - happy days lovely store. Four years later a pram for our first baby!

Joan Kelly: I loved walking round Schofields on a Saturday then going to Woolies from there and setting all the toys off. Monday back to school lol. I was in town most Saturdays shopping with my mum then with my hubby in 1980. heavily pregnant with my first child. Just love them days.

Robert Scott: Ah, The Croft self service restaurant. Green cup for tea, green and white for coffee. “Half and half, sir?” When Leeds had a proper department store!

Pat Fisher: My favourite shop in the 60s. Had a great selection of Ladybird wear for kids.

Sarah Eaton: Blimey. Does bring memories of working there. My first job after leaving school.

Jayne Atkinson: You could do almost everything in Schofields! I loved that shop!

Sometimes new isn’t always better!

Louise Mason: Remember when shopping felt like a real treat. Posh department stores and Lewis’s fantastic Christmas grotto

Martin Deacon: Remember it well. My grandma was secretary to Mr Schofield during WW2. When I took her back in 1985 some staff still remembered her!

Sue Burridge: My next door neighbour’s had an account there and the housekeeper could go and buy anything she wanted. I still have the Schofields boys and girls club 1965 badge.

Rosemary Blackburn: Loved Schofields. Happy memories of shopping with my mum and auntie followed by a cup of tea in the Croft!

Linda Russell: I miss Schofields and C&A.

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