Quirky history - Yorkshireman knocked down by car gets back up to win 200-mile road race

Stories from the YEP in 1949
Stories from the YEP in 1949
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Dateline: May 1949... making the news 70 years ago

A Yorkshireman who was knocked down by a car moments before he was about to enter an international road race ended up winning it.
Doughty Denis Parkinson, from Wakefield, had just stepped out of the village post office when he was struck by a car, which sent him sprawling into the road.
He was about to take part in the Leinster 200, an international road race in Ireland.
“I walked out of the village post office and was knocked down by a motor-car,” recalled Denis back in 1949. “I sprawled in the road but fortunately my leather suit and helmet saved me from serious injury.”
Brushing himself off, Denis straddled his Norton 350 motorcycle and went on to cover 33 laps - 200 miles - to snatch first place by just nine seconds from Dublin star Reg Armstrong. His average speed was 77.04mph and the race was dubbed one of the most exciting in years. It wasn’t the only setback for the Yorkshireman. On practice day, he smashed his gearbox, meaning he had to spend that time making repairs.

University Rag Week in May 1949

University Rag Week in May 1949

Also making the news that week...

Awful plot
In other news, a businessman who bought a plot of land in Harrogate for £2,000 ended up losing out after it was subject to a compulsory purchase order for just £1.
West Riding County Council made the direction, which was dubbed “sheer robbery” by the businessman in question.

Boy saved from drowning
In Halifax, a farm worker dived into a 30ft deep quarry pond at Harley Head Farm, near Hipperholme, to save a boy who had fallen in while playing.
The hero was named as John Tabour, of Hove Edge, the boy was David Fozzard, 11, from Fingle Street.