Leeds nostalgia: It’s a dog’s life... no, wait, a lion’s

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This week’s delve into the archive is one for the animal lovers.

Taken on February 8, 1972, the main picture (above), shows Daniel the Great Dane, “a whole lot of dog - even if people sometimes mistake him for a tiger.” At least, that’s how this paper reported it at the time.



His owner, Mrs Jean Myers, of York Road, Seacroft Village, was often told how much like a tiger he looks but in fact he is just a particular type of Great Dane, called a Brindle, with black stripes flecked on a fawn body.

The article says: “Despite his resemblance to this ferocious character and his size (10 stone weight and around 4ft tall), Mrs Myers says he is very gentle and friendly. She said, ‘He enjoys playing with her cat, William, and as he is only two years old shows proper respect to the senior dogs in the house, Cairn terriers Sally, 13, and Kilitie, 11.’ All that dog takes a lot of feeding and Daniel demolishes 2.5lb of meat and 1lb of biscuits a day.”

The second image, taken on December 22, 1977, shows nine-year-old Carl Denver’s “girlfriend”, who apparently came to sleep for Christmas.

The article itself is a piece of nostalgia - it runs: “With her big brown eyes and gorgeous coat, she made the neighbours’ eyebrows rise in Selby Road, Garforth, Leeds - for lithe and lovely Lisa is a five-stone lioness!”

Then it adds: “Carl can handle the situation purr-fectly. He is probably the world’s youngest legal lion tamer. He received his licence to train lions from Leeds City Council this week. Carl, of Garforth House, Selby Road, was brought up in the world of animal show business. When he was a baby his mother Olga carried him into the circus ring on her back.”