Leeds nostalgia: Gas power comes to Leeds

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Check out those flares, man! Yes, I am talking about the bloke at the back of the car.

This was the moment in August 1975 when liquid petrolium gas came to the streets of Leeds.



It was the first Leeds city centre filling station for vehicles converted to run on petroleum gas and it opened on Wellington Street.

Cargoes Cargas Ltd has moved its filling point from Birkenshaw to a site in the old Central Station goods yard at the junction of Wellington Street and Queen Street. Ray Hughes, managing director, explained: “We were desperate to get into Leeds city centre. Now we are able to offer a better service to fleet owners and private motorists who have had their cars converted.”

The filling station had a small tank which could easily be replenished every day from the company’s larger installation at Ossett.

Our second picture comes from 1951 and is evidence that necessity truly is the mother of invention.

It shows a gas powered car but by Mr J L Brown, of Leeds, during the Second World War.

He is pictured loading the furnace of his car in June 1951.

The contraption on the rear of the car is actually a gas plant on Ford V8.

Apparently, performance was poor and you finished the ride smelling of kippers on account of all the wood which was burned inside, to give the car power. During the war, they would use anything they could get their hands on, including old wood fences, boxes, and hardwood blocks.

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